GUEST BIO Brett Swarts is the CEO of Capital Gains Tax Solutions. He has helped and provided numerous investors with […]


Brett Swarts is the CEO of Capital Gains Tax Solutions. He has helped and provided numerous investors with the Deferred Sales Trust. It is a tool to help investors solve capital gains tax deferral limitations.

Brett has encountered numerous experiences which includes Deferred Sales Trust, Delaware Statute Trust, 1031 exchanges while executing more than $85 million in commercial real estate brokerage transactions. As an active commercial real estate broker and investor, he holds series 22 and 63 licenses and also has experience in Multifamily, Senior Housing, Retail, Medical Office and Mixed-Use properties. He is an associate at the largest Commercial Real Estate Brokerage firm in the country and became knowledgeable in his field through hands-on training from the best in the business.

Brett is known as the one of the most well-rounded capital gains tax deferral experts and informative speakers and he is passionate in educating his community about how to divest from a business or real estate and gain freedom from feeling hostage to the well known 1031 exchange and then invest back into and back out of real estate at any time. Brett steps into the lab and provides some valuable lessons to the community as the subject matter expert in this field.


02:29 Guest Background – Who is Brett Swarts? 06:07 Restriction for the 1031 exchange 11:32 When to seek for an advice regarding DST 14:22 What is DST? 17:51 Working with your business and at the same time with clients KEEPING IT REAL 21:04 How monetization works in this kind of business 25:58 Biggest misconception regarding protecting capital gains 30:11 Can this be applied to those who are raising capital and has limited partners involved? 31:13 What is a Seamless Partnership Operation?

ANSWERS TO THE RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS IN THE SHOW: 34:50 Favorite book – The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn 36:06 Best Habit – The Miracle Morning | Exercise | Reading the Bible | Meditate 37:23 Best tool – Asana and Loom 38:34 One 300 hundred unit vs three 100 units – three 100 units 39:32 Commercial or Retail Asset 40:45 Cash Flow or Equity – Cash Flow 41:15 Self Managed or Outsource – Outsource 42:15 One super power in real estate – the ability to encourage and lead others 42:54 Describe a successful investor – Resolved

INSIDER SECRETS 44:14 Thoughts of what we are currently facing right now

BOOKS MENTIONED IN THIS SHOW Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn

NOTABLE QUOTES (KEY LESSONS): “It’s hiring the who and not being the how” “Prepare yourself as much as you can, count your blessings where you can, and try to get on anyway you can socialize and connect with people online”

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