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Sell & Break Out Of Capital Gains Tax Jail, One Deferred Sales Trust ™ At A Time.

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To unlock a transformational exit and wealth plan for yourself or your clients who struggle with capital gains tax when selling any kind of highly appreciated asset.

 Capital Gains Tax Solutions is a national Deferred Sales Trust™ (DST) Trustee firm. We provide one-to-one business owner & investor guidance throughout your or your client’s entire Deferred Sales Trust™ process. Capital Gains Tax Solutions team members collectively have over 20 years of real estate experience, are licensed in California, and have participated in over 300 Million of Deferred Sales Trust™, Multifamily Brokerage, Delaware Statutory Trust, 1031 exchanges, and commercial real estate transactions.


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“The Deferred Sales Trust helped me not just be an active commercial real estate (CRE) investor but it helped me become a passive (CRE) investor as well. California real estate values were too high and I can now double my cash on cash return in other states, diversify into other CRE product types, all with zero management responsibilities.”


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“I wanted to be able to time the real estate market and buy commercial real estate when it was more of a Buyer’s lower-priced market instead of overpaying in a highly appreciated and highly-priced Seller’s market”


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“It’s a relief to be rid of the 18 unit apartment building. I had 18 problems and I did not want to 1031 exchange for 36 problems. It was a very lucrative investment, but it came with a lot of headaches that took up my time and energy


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“The biggest thing to overcome is probably not too different for anyone else. “It sounds like a great alternative, but what’s the catch?” I would say the catch really is understanding how it works and getting comfortable with it. I would say that the paperwork was pretty easy. We thought you surround yourself with a good group of advisers and legal team that will take the time to sit down and have a phone call with you and that really knows what they’re doing.”


Deferred Sales Trust™ Made Simple

Learn About Deferred Sales Trust Basics™ with Brett Swarts, Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions.

Deferred Sales Trust™ Q& A

Listen to Short Video Clips From Brett Swarts’ Media Appearances As He Teaches The Deferred Sales Trust™.

1031 vs DST Video Series

Watch A Video Series Of Brett As He Gives You A Side By Side Comparison Of 1031 Exchange and Deferred Sales Trust™.

What You Need To Know

New To Deferred Sales Trust™? Watch Our Video Series To Learn What You Need To Know About The DST, not to be confused with the Delaware Statutory Trust

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Conditional Engagement Agreement Guarantee

If you are unhappy for any reason with capital gains tax solutions or the Deferred Sales Trust™ before your deal closes, simply let us know before the close of escrow and there will be no hard feelings and zero fees owed to anyone.

This truly is a zero cost and no-obligation Deferred Sales Trust™ due diligence.

Brett Swarts

Who Is Brett Swarts?

Brett is a Deferred Sales Trust™ expert, capital gains tax deferral expert, investment real estate expert, multifamily broker, and the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions – a company helping individuals to defer capital gains tax on the sale of their highly appreciated assets, eliminate the need for a 1031 exchange, and unlock transformational options so they can create & preserve more wealth.
He created ‘Capital Gains Tax Solutions‘  to equip high net worth individuals and their trusted advisors with the Deferred Sales Trust™ tool to help them solve capital gains tax deferral limitations. The first step to a great exit and wealth plan is to sell your highly appreciated assets when the time is right for you. The second step is to defer your capital gains tax, pay off your debt and remove funds from your taxable estate. The last step is to have the funds invested in a diversified portfolio of liquid investments and real estate. The foundation to these 3 steps is timing. Make time your friend using the Deferred Sales Trust by never having to invest into anything you don’t want to or when you don’t feel the timing is right for you.  

Paying too much in capital gains tax used to be complicated when selling highly appreciated stocks. Not anymore.

“We like to take a look at the most creative structure possible.
I use some really powerful guys to try and save me money in taxes as much as I can, but I tell you, I pay way too much probably.”

~Kevin Harrington

Are you ready to restructure your life?


“My client was couple with challenges and got a phenomenal opportunity to restructure their lives. They had a real desire to start and enjoy the life they love if they could sell their property (primary residence) where most of their net worth resided. But they would be paying a huge chunk in taxes that can be available to them to generate income and help meet their expenses. Using Deferred Sales Trust™ helped my client hold on to these assets and now it will extend the length of time they’re going to have income and it’s a pretty wide margin.”

~Jessica Lanning

Are your hesitant to believe in the Deferred Sales Trust?

You made me a believer when we got the wire from our mutual client who made this work and it was a real eye-opener to see that there are ways that people can use the regulatory framework, if properly structured, to invest 1031 exchange dollars and things that you would not think were like-kind to what they exited from. So it was very impressive. I gotta say, You are the first one I’ve seen pull this off and I’m pretty… hesitant to believe in a lot of these kinds of things. So it’s a major feat for me to say, Wow, this actually really worked and it was really cool.”

~Brian Burke

Make Time Your Friend

“A way to avoid the 1031 and not have to suffer the time penalty and to free up your time to negotiate at whatever time you figure is appropriate. The Deferred Sales Trust allows you to sit on the sideline or allows you to accelerate when needed and accumulate your capital. It allows you to maximize your leverage, accumulate your capital and then deploy it when it’s appropriate for you”

~Dr. Gurpreet Padda

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