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We Solve Capital Gains Tax Challenges So You & Your Client Don’t Have to Feel Hostage to the 1031 exchange.

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Do You or Your Clients Struggle With Capital Gains Tax and Depreciation Recapture When Selling Their Assets?

The deferred sales trust can help you Defer Tax to Preserve Wealth, Sell High- Buy Low to Create Wealth and Diversify to Protect Wealth.  It can defer capital gains tax on the sale of almost any type of highly appreciated asset including:
Selling Commercial Real Estate?
Tired of chasing overpriced 1031 CRE? Want to sell high and buy at your own timing with a new depreciation schedule all tax-deferred?

Reluctant to sell your commercial real estate because you don’t have no 1031 lined up?

Want a back up plan for a failed 1031? Do you want to trade your toilets, trash, management and liability for time, travel, liquidity, diversification and retirement?

Want to move your assets outside of your taxable estate and the $11M or $22M exemption is not enough to offset the 40% estate tax?’

Do you have carried interest and want to defer the capital gains tax?

Selling Primary Home?
Selling their primary residence and the $250,000 or $500,000 exception is not enough to offset their capital gains tax?
Selling Business?
Are you selling your business and want to defer their capital gains tax instead of paying it to Uncle Sam?
Other highly appreciated asset sale?
  • Major private stock positions
  • Valuable artwork and collectibles
  • Carried interest
Learn a tax law that thrives.
Stop chasing overpriced 1031 upleg properties and instead purchase CRE properties at your own timing (all Tax Deferred) by equipping yourself with the deferred sales trust. Defer taxes on the sale of your business or another highly appreciated asset.
Business professionals learn how to differentiate yourself.
Think Beyond 1031, Add Value to Your Clients & Grow Your Business! Become a high net worth individual magnet by eliminating the need for a 1031 exchange or the $250K -$500K Primary Home Exclusion Objection. You’ll have a proven value add strategy to explode all of your marketing material to attract high net worth clients.
About capital gains tax solutions
We provide Coaching and Trustee Services to equip you to become a capital gains tax deferral leader.

We are an Exclusive Trustee for the Deferred Sales Trust and The Estate Planning Team (EPT) which is a membership organization with a turn-key marketing plan and the support of tax and legal professionals to help you help your clients with this wealth transfer by providing your clients with capital gains tax and estate planning (probate avoidance) solutions.
To learn more about the mechanics of the Deferred Sales Trust™ and how the DST can help you grow your business; sign up for a no-cost webinar or call us at 916.886.2986

Learn how the Deferred Sales Trust works

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Deferred Sales Trust

Capital Gains Tax Solutions & The Deferred Sales Trust Works for Legal and Financial Service Professionals.

A marketing strategy which separates you from your competition to help grow your sales funnel and close more deals! Financial Advisors, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, High End Realtors, Business Brokers, CPA’s, Esc

Our Process

Enter deal information with the free deferred sales trust calculator
Answer 12 questions about the asset you are selling now. If your tax liability is greater than $100,000 and net proceeds into the deferred sales trust is greater than $500,000, then let’s schedule a Free Call with the deferred sales trust tax attorney’s to discuss your particular deal and see if we can offer some help.
Deferred sales trust closed
DST funds are received. Funds are invested with financial advisor according to your (noteholder’s) risk tolerance.

Once invested, the noteholder will receive monthly note payments based on note terms.


Regular reviews are conducted with the noteholder, DST Trustee, and financial advisor to monitor the note collateral/ investments

Conference call with DST attorney
After our call, if the Deferred Sales Trust seems suitable, sign conditional engagement agreement. You only pay a fee if and when you choose to close on the deferred sales trust.
Prepare to close
Questions regarding investments, your concerns, CPA questions are discussed. DST language provided to escrow. Choose financial advisor or use one of our preferred partners. Complete risk tolerance questionnaire.

Property/Asset closes.

“Most Business Professionals have clients who struggle with capital gains tax when they sell their high-end primary home, business, or commercial real estate. We use a Deferred Sales Trust to help their clients gain tax deferral, liquidity, diversification and freedom to purchase investment real estate all tax deferred with their funds so they can create and preserve more wealth. This empowers business professionals to add massive amounts of value and grow their business!”



Deferred Sales Trust Closed At Companies Just Like Yours


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Coaching and Trustee Services to Equip You To Become a Capital Gains Tax Deferral Leader

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