How Understanding Our Options Is The Key To Unlocking Untold Financial Opportunities with Eunicia Peret

She is an accomplished financial expert and business owner with over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry.  Eunicia first honed her expertise by delivering significant financial improvements to the bottom line of Fortune 500 companies and renowned...

Natural Tendency To Go The Extra Mile with Matthew Murawski

Matthew’s natural tendency to go the extra mile, whether at work or in sports, is the foundation of his financial practice. After several successful years in the mid-cap venture capital space, Matthew was drawn to the personal side of finance: his dedication to his...

How To Create A Wealth Strategy To Exponentially Increase Wealth with Dave Wolcott

He is the Founder and CEO of Pantheon Investments. Pantheon gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to passively invest in top real estate and alternative assets that provide cash flow, tax benefits, and a reliable alternative to the volatility of the stock market, through...

Tax Strategies for Multifamily Investing with Sunil Chillar

He is the owner and broker of EXIT Realty Urban Living located in Downtown Jersey City. After receiving his bachelor's degree in finance and economics from what is now known as New Jersey City University, he worked his way up to the Assistant Vice President position...

Cali Real Estate Housing Crisis and Mobile Home Park Investing with Jefferson Lilly

He is a founding managing partner of Park Avenue partners and they're focused on mobile home park investments. He's also an educator and has a passion for producing commercial real estate mobile home park content to help you create and preserve more wealth. He has...

Don’t Try This at Home: How to Build a Stable of Experts to Help with Financial Matters

By: Jessica Lanning JD, CFP®    There's a line from the 1964 film Zorba the Greek, where Zorba (played by Anthony Quinn) upon being asked if he is married, replies, "Am I not a man? And is not a man stupid? I am a man, so I'm married. Wife, children, house -...

The Future of Wealth Management with David Snider

He serves as Founder & CEO of Harness Wealth. Harness is on a mission to make bespoke financial advice accessible, intuitive and valuable using our holistic wealth platform. It seeks to provide the next generation of builders confidence in the path to their best...

Unlock the Power of Tax Reduction Through CRE Syndication with Eddie Austin

 He spent his early years in South Florida and Southern Indiana. Numerous role models, mentors, and business experiences helped him to understand the importance of recognizing profit opportunities in changing markets. He has developed a bold, visionary idea for a new...

How Blockchain is Changing Real Estate with Michael Flight

Michael Flight is a founding principal of Concordia Realty Corporation in 1990, as well as the CEO of Liberty Real Estate Fund, the World's First Net Lease Security Token Fund, providing Stable and Tradable Private Real Estate. Michael is a real estate entrepreneur...

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Pay Your Financial Planner Your Way

Pay Your Financial Planner Your Way

By Jessica Lanning, JD, CFP® When you pick a new financial planner, you want to be clear about how that person gets compensated, whether that works for your particular situation, and whether you feel you are getting good value. There are...

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Deferred Sales Trust | MULTIFAMILY AP360

Deferred Sales Trust | MULTIFAMILY AP360

Defer Capital Gains Tax with Brett Swarts     Brett helps his clients defer their capital gains taxes and enjoys planning exit strategies with sellers of bitcoin, real estate, and businesses and then determining whether the Deferred Sales...

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