Weeding Out the Investment Weeds

By Jessica Lanning, JD, CFP®   I thought weeding was the lowest of all tasks, yet I was, relegated to pulling weeds.  I’ve never been one for yard work.  A city kid to the core, I love that great swaths of concrete and rock gardens free me to do other things with my...

Lectures of Love

By Jessica Lanning, JD, CFP®   Last week I got The Lecture from my physical therapist.   I was whining about doing all these exercises, how managing an older body takes up too much time, how youth is wasted on the young, and how I fear I’ll have to do these...

When Your Portfolio Catches COVID

By Jessica Lanning, JD, CFP®   I got COVID for the second time about a week ago.  I am fine because I’m here writing this blog post.  I had a bad case of sniffles and a runny nose for two days, and then I was pretty much back to normal.  Tested negative less than...

Selling Real Estate with Rising Interest Rates with Maria Quattrone

Maria Quattrone, a native of Philadelphia, is the distinguished Founder and CEO of Maria Quattrone and Associates RE/MAX @ HOME and Motto Mortgage Expert Solutions. With a prosperous career in real estate spanning nearly two decades, Maria has emerged as a pivotal...

How Should Inflation Be Measured with Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly - Michael Kelly has over a decade of expertise in banking technology and transforming organizations holistically across people, processes, and technology.   Areas of focus include agile coaching, product management, project management, scrum master,...

The 529 Plan: Your Pet Rat

By Jessica Lanning, JD, CFP®   Over the course of my children’s tender years, we had five pet rats.  Two at first, and then three replaced those.  All rescues (yes, rat rescues are a real thing).  Rats are billed as “perfect pets.”  They don’t require a lot of...

Why Invest In Built-To-Rent with Flint Jamison

Flint Jamison - was born in Billings, Montana. Exhibitions of note include Cubitt, London; Artists Space, New York, New York; Air de Paris, Paris, France; Centre d’édition Contemporaine, Geneva, Switzerland; and Castillo/Corrales, Paris, France. He was included in the...

Calculated Investing in Multifamily and Tax Shielding with Patrick Grimes

Patrick Grimes -Since 2007, Patrick has actively invested in real estate, focusing mainly on distressed assets, renovating, and stabilizing for long-term cash flow. His $600+M portfolio includes about 5,000 units in multifamily apartment communities in emerging...

Building Lifestyle & Financial Freedom Investing In Vacation Rentals with Shawn Moore

Shawn Moore Shawn Moore is an active real estate investor, the host of the Vacation Rental Revolution podcast, and the founder of Vodyssey. com, the #1 Vacation Rental Investing Education company in the world. Shawn has one goal in mind: to cut through all of the...

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