Today on the Leafy Podcast, Leafy host Jennifer sits down with Brett Swarts to discuss capital gains tax solutions. Brett is an entrepreneur, cre investor, podcaster, deferred sales trust expert, and California multifamily broker. His leadership roles include serving as the Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions podcast, Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, and Founder of Commercial Realty Apartment Advisors. Brett leads his highly successful clients through the process of creating and preserving their wealth through investment real estate by leveraging the optimal timing capital gains tax deferral structure known as The Deferred Sales Trust. Its purpose is to help individuals escape feeling hostage to the 1031 exchange and 30-50% capital gains tax when they sell their highly appreciated assets such as; a business, CRE, Crypto Currency or a primary home so they can create and preserve more wealth. Brett tells Leafy Podcast that the largest wealth transfer the world has ever seen ($17-20 trillion dollars) will take place over the next few years due to the Baby Boom generation when they go to retire and sell their businesses, estates, etc. Brett says with a deferred sales trust, these baby boomers can avoid paying huge tax payments.

Listen to the whole episode as Brett and Jennifer get into the details of these tax-saving solutions.

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Learn Our

9 Step Framework

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