Businesses & Professional Practices

We help a variety of business owners defer capital gains tax. Deferred Sales Trust Closes include Veterinarians, Tech Companies, Dentist, Doctors, Truck Companies, and many other business types. Learn more now by listening to our Founder Brett being interview on the the NAI Global Podcast!



Commercial Real Estate

We also help people who have Commercial real estate. Deferred Sales Trust Closes include Multifamily, Retail, Industrial, Office, and Self Storage properties to name a few. Did you know…..the deferred sales trust gives investors a 1031 alternative and/or backup plan. Check out here the difference of Buying Commercial Real Estate through a Deferred Sales Trust vs a 1031 exchange.


High End Primary Residences

A recent example was for a couple who needed to sell their primary residence in  California and owed $6M in capital gains tax above their $500,000 exclusion. Since this is not an investment property it did not qualify for a 1031 exchange. It did however qualify for a deferred sales trust. Trade equity invested in a high end home for liquidity, diversification and flexibility with your wealth while invested into commercial real estate or stock, bonds and mutual funds.


Major Private Stock Positions

Do you own highly appreciated stock and want to diversify into mutual funds? We can solve this too using the deferred sales trust.



Valuable Artwork and Collectibles

Do you own highly appreciated Van Gogh and want to diversify into an apartment building? We can solve this too using the deferred sales trust.


Seller Carry Back Note

Are you caring back paper and it’s going to be paid off soon which will trigger the capital gains tax? The deferred sales trust is a solution for this.


Carried Interest for Syndication

Put together an amazing successful real estate partnership and now you are caught with no option for a 1031 exchange and/or each partner wants their own share? The deferred sales trust has got your back and your partners backs by giving each partner an option to defer the capital gains tax separate from one another and customized for each partner based on their individual risk tolerance. The partners may be so happy you introduced them to this, they may just wan their newly formed DST funds directed to your next Commercial Real Estate Development or Purchase. Did we mention this is all tax deferred ( in and out of real estate). If not, then let us introduce you to your new best friend for a Commercial Real Estate Developer and Syndicator. His or her name is a Deferred Sales Trust.

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Learn Our 9 Step Framework

Learn Our

9 Step Framework

"How To Sell Your Cryptocurrency, Real Estate Or Business Or Any Highly Appreciated Assets Smarter"


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