Steven Minchen is actively involved in numerous philanthropic and business organizations and serves on many Boards of Nonprofits. He believes […]

Steven Minchen is actively involved in numerous philanthropic and business organizations and serves on many Boards of Nonprofits. He believes his success should be shared within his community and benefit local charities.


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One of the unique things about the deferred sales trust is that it’s a cornerstone strategy. It’s used in conjunction with other strategies. And when you multiply them, they compound. And when they compound, you’re generationally increasing your wealth, exponentially increasing your ability to invest net of attorney fees and net of taxes. And so it’s a phenomenal strategy, a phenomenal solution to a really interesting problem that a lot of people haven’t solved for a long time. So



I think it’s a huge problem. As I said, it comes up at every meeting. So I think, coming up with a solution to that problem, open to the real estate market for listings. I firmly believe that if that one issue can be resolved, about 80% of the people that I speak with, would be comfortable enough selling their home. I mean, I don’t think someone 90 years old wants to live in a home, that they can’t even walk down the stairs to leave the house. I don’t think that’s their intention. But their fear of taxation is greater than the fear of discovering that living somewhere is really not appropriate for them.



How are you planning on leveraging this strategy to increase your business?



On every single listing appointment, I am going to make a recommendation before they make a decision. They speak with you. I believe that what you offer is so powerful, and having solutions to the problem that I most hear about which is capital gains, that I think it’s worth a discussion with every person that fits the criteria and in my area, a million dollars is not considered a lot of profit, honestly. So the people that I speak with should have a dialogue with you to see if it fits their strategy to see if there’s a further interest in trying to save the capital gains which is so important to most of my clients.



Yeah, absolutely awesome.


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What's Going on in the San Francisco Real Estate Market Today with Steven Minchen

Steven Minchen is one of the most successful Broker Associates in the San Francisco Bay Area with a distinguished 30-year career in residential real estate. He is an award-winning and top-producing agent, recognized by The Wall Street Journal as one of the country’s top Real Estate agents from 2018 to 2023.  Steven has represented numerous buyers and sellers who appreciate and value his dedication to strategically positioning each transaction for a successful outcome.

Highly credentialed, Steven exemplifies his well-established reputation of unmatched market knowledge, effective networking abilities, sharp negotiation skills, placing emphasis on integrity and client satisfaction. Meeting uncompromising standards of performance and communication, Steven has built a solid reputation in the business and trust of his clients over the years. He is equipped to meet each and every challenge in the real estate market and serves his clients with a unique level of commitment and determination that continues to deliver impressive results. His commitment to professionalism and excellence in his approach to business maximizes his clients’ experience in this process.

Steven works with many Fortune 500 Companies assisting their executives with their housing needs. He is a member of the San Francisco Bar Association and the Contra Costa Bar Association working with a variety of PFAC, Probate, and Family Law Attorneys assisting with their clients’ real estate needs.


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