Maria Quattrone, a native of Philadelphia, is the distinguished Founder and CEO of Maria Quattrone and Associates RE/MAX @ HOME […]

Maria Quattrone, a native of Philadelphia, is the distinguished Founder and CEO of Maria Quattrone and Associates RE/MAX @ HOME and Motto Mortgage Expert Solutions. With a prosperous career in real estate spanning nearly two decades, Maria has emerged as a pivotal figure in the industry. Her relentless dedication and proficiency in sales and marketing have underscored her prominence in Philadelphia’s real estate sector. Her success has won praise and accolades from Industry Insiders and Clients alite.

Motivated by an innate entrepreneurial spark and an intense passion for real estate, Maria initiated Maria Quattrone & Associates in 2005, transitioning from her previous role as an account executive in Philadelphia Radio Sales. With her hand-selected team of seasoned experts, Maria has revolutionized client service by fostering long-lasting relationships and ensuring superior results for sellers through strategic marketing techniques. She has provided buyers with transformational experiences by using her vast industry knowledge and market-specific insights.

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So it is more difficult. Of course with higher rate, however, rents are continuing to rise, and they are projected to continue to rise.



What’s the number one secret you can think about right now, number one tip, number one piece of advice that you could think of when it comes to selling real estate with rising interest rates.



Okay, so, first and foremost, if you are a renter, and you don’t currently own a home, you pay 100% interest today on your rent. So as long as you can afford the payment, and you have the down money, and you’re financially solvent, you should go ahead and purchase a home now, the first time homebuyer inventory, the entry level inventory is still very late. And it will continue to be for some time, maybe forever. So it is more difficult. Of course, with higher rate, however, rents are continuing to rise. And they are projected to continue to rise. So what I say is, find a house, it’s not going to be perfect. But if it has like 70 75% of what you want, and you can, you know, put some sweat equity and a little bit on the rest, get into owning a home because we know over time, wealth is built through home ownership.



Excellent, you pull that away, I mean, pull that apart or don’t pull apart, but make sure you understand it. So I love the way you put that you pay 100% of interest today if you’re renting, right. And if you can afford the down payment, and have you know, and it’s affordable for that for the monthly payment. What you’re saying is you might as well buy now, because of the projections not only in rising interest rates, but and also the rising rents. Is that a fair summary so far?



Yeah, absolutely. And then the other part of that is, we do know that over time, interest rates go up, and interest rates come down. And if they do come down, and you’re now a homeowner, you could have gained equity in your home and you can refi at the lower rate. And that is a win win. So I say marry the house, the three


marry the house data rate, that is a great thing. Make sense. Get in now while you can impress even even opportunity, right? Maybe, maybe some prices have softened a little bit Maria, what do you see out there as far as as far as some of these property prices offering is that is that just obviously depending upon each sub market,


so it definitely is, you know, real estate is local, and there is hypermarkets within a market, I would say that the entry level homes are as those sellers aren’t as negotiable as more of a high end, which seem to be sitting and sitting and sitting. However, sellers are entertaining offers, they are accepting inspections, they are, in some cases, in some cases, providing seller assist. And there’s more choices for buyers today. So if they were on the fence, and they didn’t do anything, even though their rates went up, they they still have a potential to get a great house that they can afford before the crisis continue to go up over time, right? We know at minimum, generally speaking, if you look over 3040 years, we get we increase between three to 4%, three to 4% a year. So over five years, you will have a 20% increase in the value of your home. So if you buy now you can afford the payment, you can get out of renting. You can also the savings that you’ll have from your to own your taxes for owning that home you could use to pay off some of the mortgage payment and therefore strength the mortgage interest, the mortgage interest you would pay over the life of the over the life of the loan. I


think that makes a lot of sense. I think the other stat I found that was interesting is during any of these past recessions, there’s only been one which is the 2008 crash or values of houses actually went down and that’s mainly due because of the you know, the debt crisis and everything that went on with associate but that was kind of and we’re not seeing that. Now as far as anyone can tell. There’s nothing about these that these mortgages and the lending practices that have been in place the last 10 years affecting and also values of houses that are that appreciate it, you know quite a bit


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About Maria Quattrone

Selling Real Estate with Rising Interest Rates with Maria QuattroneMaria Quattrone is an entrepreneur, real estate expert, investor, speaker, visionary, philanthropist, and Owner/CEO of Maria Quattrone and Associates and RE/MAX AT HOME. Maria is a real estate executive with over 25 years of sales, marketing, and branding experience. She is a proud Philadelphia native and Temple University graduate.

In 2005, she founded Maria Quattrone & Associates, a handpicked team of veteran professionals, who provide quality, customer-driven service throughout the Philadelphia area. Unlike her competitors who are transactional in their approach, Maria’s firm operates under the “Private Banking” model providing advisory services to their clients all over the country, at all price points. Drawing upon decades of experience and market-specific knowledge, their operating paradigm is powered by market-specific information, cutting edge innovation, and an unrivaled client database.

Under Maria’s leadership as CEO, her company has grown into one of the most successful real estate companies in Philadelphia and has assisted with her client’s acquisitions and dispositions totaling over 2,000 properties and over 500 million in sales.

As the leader of Maria Quattrone and Associates and RE/MAX AT HOME, Maria continues to oversee her company’s business development goals while offering her clients strategic guidance on commercial investments, new developments, and high-end luxury Real Estate. Her business development goals include constant growth and expansion as well as providing continued exclusive services and property acquisitions throughout the greater Philadelphia market and South Jersey.

Maria is an award-winning, recognized leader. She is a sought after speaker both locally and nationally. In 2019, Real Trends and The Wall Street Journal, awarded Maria number 76 of the Top 100 agents in the country. Maria is ranked number 1 among all RE/MAX agents in PA and is currently number 11 among all RE/MAX agents globally! Additionally, Maria has achieved, 2018 Titan Club, 2017 Chairman’s Club Team, 2016 Hall of Fame and Platinum Club Team and 2015 Chairman’s Club. In 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, Maria was awarded the 5-star Overall Satisfaction Award, reserved for an elite 2 percent of Philadelphia area agents.


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