Stewart Heath Serial Entrepreneur Of 30+ Years | CEO Of Harvard Grace Capital | Partnering With Busy Professionals Who Want […]

Stewart Heath Serial Entrepreneur Of 30+ Years | CEO Of Harvard Grace Capital | Partnering With Busy Professionals Who Want To Create Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing
Spring Hill, Tennessee, United States


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Stewart Heath:

Real Estate amongst anything else is really simple when it comes to the income statement, the p&l If you weren’t?


Pierce York:

What are the one or two secrets to being able to do that?


Stewart Heath:

I think my secret is passion. For starters, I love this stuff. And real estate is interesting to me because it is, at the end of the day, relatively simple. All real estate is a financial transaction. To me, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the tenants or the people, which I do. We manage all of our own properties, and we can go into that later. But so I enjoy the people side of the business. But at the end of the day, I’m a CPA, I am. I’m boiling everything down to dollars and cents and revenue and expense. And so in real estate amongst anything else is really simple. When it comes to the income statement, the p&l if you would, you’ve got your two or three sources of income, and then you get basically four line items of expense. And then you get to your noi net operating income. So that’s, for the most part pretty easy to analyze in your head. You can’t do that with a tech business. You can’t do that when you’re developing a new software because, you know, it just it’s just a much more complex situation. So real estate’s fairly easy to analyze on the fly. That doesn’t mean we don’t go back and drill down and do our due diligence. But it’s easy to eliminate things that you don’t want to look at.


Pierce York:

So your drive bys are in your quick analytics is for the quick No, not Yes, fairly. Gotcha. That’s a huge distinction. Because a large, a lot of people are like, oh, cool, like, you know, especially now with believe, like, with the internet, like, you know, people just like this ability to like purchase properties all over the United States online. Like it just, I mean, I’ve gotten, you know, without loving to admit this, like, I’ve gotten myself into situations where I’m just like, that stupid. Like, I’ve never even seen the property and like we you know, we bought it just based upon numbers we thought and a market we thought we knew and we didn’t and just like stuff happens all the time. So we all make mistakes. We learn we learn, right? And like, Yeah, someone once told me education is expensive. It is.


Stewart Heath:

Oh, yeah, I’ve my tuitions probably in the millions.


Pierce York:

So that makes this should make everyone feel better. He was, you know, made mistakes. But I think what’s important there is the fact that you know, you just kind of take action and you just do it because you’re never gonna get off the ground. You don’t.

Stewart Heath:

We won’t buy one that we’ve never seen. And that’s one that that I’ve learned the hard way. Sure. I mean, to a certain extent, you can’t trust people. And it’s even not that it’s not that it’s been they were just trustworthy people. It’s just that you just don’t know if you’re aligned or not.



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About Stewart Heath

Passive Income Through The Best Real Estate Investments with Stewart Heath

Stewart Heath founded the Harvard Grace Corporation in 2010, which has since expanded into Harvard Grace Capital. HG Corporation still provides fractional C-level executive services to clients as well as general business consulting. Heath also sits on several boards, including HGC, Winsome Truth, The Shepherd’s Call, and Second Chance Sober Living. In 2016, Heath was recognized as a finalist for the Nashville Business Journal’s CFO Awards. Currently, Heath holds several fractional CFO positions.

Heath previously held positions as COO and CFO for companies in retail, real estate, manufacturing, corporate services, entertainment, and digital media. He  earned his CPA license in 1987 and has since held several senior financial and operating positions. Heath also holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Auburn University.  He now runs Harvard Grace Capital, an idea that’s been close to his heart for a long time, in an effort to provide stability for investors and to engage in his community.



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