Arvin Khamseh has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Arvin knows where to put his time, whether it’s […]

Arvin Khamseh has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Arvin knows where to put his time, whether it’s in biohacking or internet marketing. So when the NFT craze hit, it was only natural for him to go in headfirst. Arvin is one of the few established thought leaders in the NFT industry due to his early entry into the market. He’s worked with more than 200 NFT brands and collaborated with Reddit, Twitter, and Quora.

Sands Vegas Casino Club and Meta Legends, his two largest NFT projects, both sold out. The Sands project made +$2.8 million in 20 hours, while the Meta project produced an incredible +$10 million in 20 hours, attracting celebrity attention. Arvin just assisted Women of Crypto in reaching #1 on and is currently trending at #1 on Opensea.

He is a full-stack digital marketing professional who has advised and managed successful paid ad campaigns in a variety of industries, including SaaS, E-commerce, Cybersecurity, B2B, Construction, Hospitality, Healthcare, Financial, Education, Travel, and others.


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Arvin Khamseh:

As far as the ways on all methodologies on how to actually market an NFT, it’s really dependent on building communities.

Brett Swarts:

What’s the number one secret when it comes to helping NFT brands make a million dollars in one single day?

Arvin Khamseh:

First of all, they gotta take the marketing very seriously, if you can just have great art or even like utility, and then just sit on the side and just expect to be to communicate their message really well. That’s one of the things I do with brands first, first week of working with them is to actually just figure out their messaging. So for example, for the San Vegas Casino Club, the messaging was, you can be the house, the house always wins. So that’s very important to actually come up with that. Then now as far as the ways, on our methodologies on how to actually market an NFT. It’s really dependent on building communities. For building communities, what I found best is running paid advertising, and then also influencer marketing. So those two things, and then we do that.  We’ve done that for all the 400 NFT projects. It has worked tremendously to build a community in a very short amount of time. So what it looks like is typically in four to six weeks, and the NFT project goes from zero to building 80,000, 90,000. Discord members, lots of people on their Twitter, and then on a day where the public sale is live, a certain number of people in the community will buy the NFTs. Literally in that one day, the founder goes anywhere from,  500k to $5-$6 million in that day. 

Brett Swarts:

Let’s pause there because there are a couple of terms that I want to unpack, but the first thing is coming up with a very clear message. So maybe it’s copywriting and clarifying what is it that you offer? What is it that you’re trying to accomplish? That’s step one. Then step two is building that community over a period of time, it could be four to six weeks before you’re going live with this thing,  this NFT, or whatever it is that you’re marketing. But you do this through a discord. Define discord for those who aren’t sure what that is. 

Arvin Khamseh:

If people are familiar with telegram or WhatsApp, or any of these social media platforms, where it’s a group-based communication, so it’s really based on like, people connecting with each other on an app. So that’s what Discord is, except the only difference with Discord is that, first of all, it doesn’t have any ads. So zero ads on this platform, and then people get to connect in an anonymous way. So everyone has an avatar, has a username, and it’s not really their name, is never their name. A lot of people in the NFT community, want to stay anonymous, sometimes, because they have a lot of NFTs. There are many reasons why they want to do that. But the majority of times, it’s just because at the very beginning, that’s how it started, where people wouldn’t say who the designers are, who the founders are. But that’s actually changing. Like, all brands actually go in the direction of being what they call a fully ducks team, meaning everyone reveals their identity. So regardless, this court is a platform where it enables founders of NFT, to be able to actually manage the communities in a really effective way, just because this code is literally built on creating, like having a lot of features for managing communities, which is not the case, let’s say on WhatsApp or telegram other platforms, so that’s why we use discord.

Brett Swarts:

Perfect. That’s awesome. Thank you for explaining that.


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About Arvin Khamseh

How NFT brands make 1M+ in a day with Arvin Khamseh

Arvin Khamseh has always been on the forefront of new tech trends. From biohacking, to internet marketing, Arvin knows where to invest his time. So when the NFT wave came along, it was a natural fit for him to jump in early on. Because of his early entrance into the market, Arvin is one of the few established thought leaders within the NFT space. He has consulted with 200+ NFT brands and has partnered with Reddit, Twitter, and Quora.

His two largest NFT projects, Sands Vegas Casino Club and Meta Legends, both sold out. The Sands project made $7m in 20 hours and the Meta project made an astonishing $12m in 20 hours and even received celebrity attention. Arvin is excited to help lead the conversation around NFTs and is a highly sought after guest. He is soon to be featured in USA Today, Forbes and Business Insider.




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