Cheri S. Hill “Wealth Protection Diva”, has been a successful entrepreneur/business owner and premier business strategist for the past 27 […]

Cheri S. Hill “Wealth Protection Diva”, has been a successful entrepreneur/business owner and premier business strategist for the past 27 years as President & CEO of Sage International Inc. She is a national speaker, best selling author of Incorporate & Get Rich!, and motivational teacher of financial education, business development and wealth protection strategies.


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So if they don’t know that the more wealth you create, the more insurance you have the more you are. You are that one mistake one issue one problem, one disgruntled one IRS situation, literally can wipe you



out. What is the number one secret Sherry to making sure that we are protected when structuring and setting up business entities.



So, you know, whenever you start to create wealth, you become a target. People want what you have. And so whether that’s through the legal side, the IRS ex employees, you get a divorce, you’ve got spouses, all of those kinds of things. So when I look at how to protect your assets, I look at three things. So liability, insulation, tax reduction, estate planning, and probate avoidance. So all those three things tie together in order for you to officially grow, protect and leverage your hard earned wealth. And so people come to me because they want to start a business or they’re already a real estate investor. And they have multiple properties and multiple states. So if they don’t know that the more wealth you create, the more insurance you have, the more you know, unprotected, you are that one mistake, one issue, one problem, one disgruntled CheriIRS situation, literally can wipe you out. And so the rules, the laws, the statutes, all say we have reasonable methods in order for you to not lose everything as you grow. And so that’s where I spend the bulk of my time, where are you at in this process? What do we need to do to help you overcome and resist all those challenges by utilizing those entities like LLCs, corporations trust, limited partnerships, things that you’re doing right, with your DST and 1030 ones and all kinds of things, all the tools in our toolbox?



Excellent. So the number one secret is a awareness that the more wealth you create and build, the more you become a target, which which means the more structuring and the more strategy you have around your business and your assets, liability protection, tax reduction, you said estate and probate if it was too, it could just take one IRS, you know, situation or one disgruntled tenant or one something that could wipe you out, am I way off? Or am I right?



This just happened, I never have to make anything up is what I love. I mean, literally in one week, I can share multiple examples. So we just formed a California entity for a beekeeper. Now I’m a beekeeper. So it was cool. However, so immediately, we just formed this entity, the ink wasn’t even dry. And I get a subpoena. Because I am a Commercial Registered Agent, I get a subpoena. But I’m not the registered agent on this entity to produce all documents. So I went back and forth with the attorney and who is suing this guy is his wife that he’s getting a divorce through. I never spoke to the client, I’m a third party in this transaction just to form the entity. But I would have asked the question, are there any issues or you are in a divorce? Are you trying to hide assets from this wife that you’re divorcing? And guess what? It’s not going to work? Because I’ve been subpoenaed. The CPA is going to be subpoenaed. He’s going to be subpoenaed, and the guy hasn’t even started this. This all happened last week. Right? So that’s one example. So disgruntled spouses, we’ve had many examples. I just had another one. Got a call yesterday. So a client, they’re now a client, selling their real estate in Florida trying to buy a property here in Reno, the guy went out three years ago formed his own LLC, put the property under the LLC, and now he’s trying to sell it and the title company and the lender want to know, where’s your operating agreement, you have nothing that proves that you own this LLC. So I’m going to create an operating agreement for him so he can produce it for the bank. But of course, what always happens, Brett, we’re closing escrow tomorrow. We need this now. And so what I try to do is make sure that you don’t end up in those situations by asking the right questions up front, making sure you have all the documents you’re going to need to go forward and then continuing to educate our clients about the importance of keeping your entities up to date. Having your minutes done all those things. So because you never know when something is going to show up.



Yeah, cuz it’s not just the end. TTS is the execution of the team behind it to help you manage and execute on this this this entity this this this this LLC S corp a C Corp whatever it might be okay great


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About Cheri Hill

Don't Let the World Kick You in the Assets!, with Cheri Hill

Cheri S. Hill, “Wealth Protection Diva” has been a successful entrepreneur/business owner/premier business strategist for the past 23 years as President & CEO of Sage International, Inc. With over 30,000 national/global clients Cheri has mastered the art of teaching entrepreneurs how to effectively start, grow and expand a successful business. Her areas of expertise are multiple because of her strong sense of business (combined with all of her past experience as an teenage Fry Cook; Escrow Officer; Apprentice Carpenter; Chocolate Manufacturing Business Owner; Softball Umpire; Soccer Referee; Sales Rep at Industry Trade Shows; and Renaissance Faire Wench!).

Her understanding of every facet of what it takes to create and maintain a successful company are current as she keeps up with business changes and trends that matter. This status combined with exceptional presentation skills has allowed Cheri to become one of the most sought-after speakers to business owners. She is quite often requested to “guest teach” through hosted webinars, teleseminars, business groups and universities. In 2012 she was named one of the most influential women in Northern Nevada.

Cheri is very active in the business community serving on many boards, all of which are focused on Economic Development, Entrepreneurship or strengthening business in our state. She brings an attitude of Sassy, Classy and a little Bad Assey!
Outside of the office she enjoys traveling, playing squash, reading, live music festivals, extreme camping, hanging out with her sweetie, Peter and watching her beautiful daughter grow into an amazing woman!


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