Sachin Jhangiani co-founded Elevate.Money, a private real estate investment trust. With investment buy in as low as $100, the platform […]

Sachin Jhangiani co-founded Elevate.Money, a private real estate investment trust. With investment buy in as low as $100, the platform is working to become the Blackstone for millennials. As CMO, he is focused on removing barriers so real estate investing is more accessible and educating on why investing in stable sectors such as real estate is the long game.

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Excellent. So we’re gonna talk today about democratizing commercial real estate investing. I was sitting thinking about this top and I was like, really do you have to democratize you know, real estate investing. But the truth is, that is what you kind of do. There’s some pretty high barriers to entry to getting into real estate. I want to talk about those a little bit.



Yeah, absolutely. I mean, the first and foremost, one is capital. So, you know, REITs or crowdfunding structures have been around for a long time, since the 60s and they were created to be able to help people invest in assets, larger commercial, real estate and real estate assets in general, without having to go out and buy an entire building or you know, entire property. So you know, that’s been around. But what’s happening now is In this digital era, and with wealth getting spread, you know, down generations, the millennials and Gen Xers, they’re all digital natives. And they actually invest in even smaller increments and spread their investments, you know, through a whole array of assets, not just stocks and bonds, like, you know, we grew up thinking about, and so we have to be able to make investing, bite size, so that they can test it, they can play with it, and they can build their portfolio and then, you know, educate them that, you know, real estate is sound, if you have a hard asset, it does pay income and all those benefits. And through volatility, I think they start to learn that and now have the ability to, you know, decide how much you want to allocate to it, but to meet them, you got to be where they’re at, and they’re in the Bite Size digital platforms. And so that’s why I think democratizing it further. Doing elevators is really important, not just for today, but also for the future and for this upcoming generation.



Yeah, and most millennials these days are not going to be accredited investors, right, they’re not going to have access to things like limited partnerships and other investment opportunities, because they’re not going to meet those thresholds. Can you talk a little bit about that? And how are you also trying to accommodate for that?



Yeah, absolutely. So you know, we fall under reg A, which is a, you know, a filing created through the Jobs Act that allows us to actually take on investments from non accredited investors. So the minimum investment for our commercial real estate REIT is $100, which, you know, that was not possible. Many, you know, several years ago, you actually, you know, a minimum was 10,000, or 20,000, just to get involved. And then you needed to know someone who could get into a limited partnership or have a wealth planner, and you know, there were layers of, you know, hoops, you had to get through indoors, you had to open to to even get access to just investing your money. That’s not the case anymore. And so we really have leveled the playing field, it takes four minutes to become a commercial to invest in a portfolio of commercial real estate on elevated money.


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About Sachin Jhangiani


Sach Jhangiani is the Co-Founder and CMO at Elevate.Money, where he provides alternative investment access to millennials via its tech-driven platform by offering fractionalized interests in commercial real estate portfolios to non-millionaires via a seamless and user-friendly digital interface. 

Jhangiani followed the plan. He graduated from NYU Stern School of Business, got a full-time job at Credit Suisse a year before finishing college, and once at the firm, he figured out a way to get his dream job as a trader. Sach had a successful 15+ year career and made it to the top of the ranks as a Managing Director, only to realize that he wasn’t happy. He had become someone he didn’t enjoy being and lost his purpose and direction.

In 2016, Sach left his job and moved to the West to recalibrate. Over the next several years fell in love with digital marketing and communication and found the drive to share his knowledge from wall-street and help make the world a more level-playing field when it comes to building wealth and taking ownership of one’s finances. 


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