WFN #008 – What IF the 1031 Exchange goes away? So WHAT!? Brett Swarts explains why



If Joe Biden and the Progressives have their way, the 1031 exchange may either go away or be severely limited in the future for real estate investors.

Brett Swarts is one of the leading experts and speakers on deferring capital gains and savings clients thousands if not MILLIONS in taxes!

Brett and I discuss the pros and cons of a 1031 exchange and IF it does go away, what do you do?


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The Deferred Sales Trust may be the solution to your needs.  Not only can this work for real estate, but can be beneficial if you have large capital gains in OTHER assets such as cryptocurrency.  

Be sure to listen in on the unique case study (here in Minnesota) where the owner SOLD a property through a DST then bought it BACK from FORECLOSURE at about a 50% discount!

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