Understanding the Deferred Sale Trust.

Brett Swarts is an entrepreneur, deferred sales trust expert, investor, podcaster, and multifamily broker. His leadership roles include serving as the Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, Commercial Realty Apartment Advisors, and the Capital Gains Tax Solutions podcast.

Brett leads a team of extraordinary people at his companies. He serves ultra high net worth clients and enables them to create and preserve their wealth through real estate investment. Brett leads clients through a wealth preservation process by leveraging the optimal timing capital gains tax deferral structure known as The Deferred Sales Trust. Its purpose is to help individuals escape feeling hostage to the 1031 exchange and 30-50% capital gains tax when they sell their highly appreciated real estate assets.

By focusing on the timeless aspects of being the guide, Capital Gains Tax Solutions’ educational platform helps high net worth individuals and their trusted advisors who help them execute a passive/active capital gains tax deferral wealth plan of their own.

Brett Swarts joins John Carney today in The Real Estate Locker Room to advise us on how to create and protect your wealth.


Key Points:

  1. Clarify your vision of what you want your wealth plan to be.
  2. There are alternative ways for wealth transformation that doesn’t involve a 1031 exchange.
  3. Deferred Sale Trust: Transforming money from one generation to another while getting out debt by diversifying their wealth. It can allow you to get the full depreciation of the property allowing you to obtain and preserve more wealth.
  4. Optimal timing will let you sell high, wait, and then buy low when the market shifts. It’s important to know the legality and track record behind the “installment sale”.
  5. The key is getting a team of professionals that can help you execute the business plan.

Favorite Athlete:


Favorite Athlete (s):

  • Michael Jordan
  • Lebron James

Favorite Books:

  • Seasons of Life

Pro tip:

  • Practice The Miracle Morning: read the bible, meditate, exercise and journaling.

Thank you, Brett Swarts, for taking the time to share your wealth planning solutions with the audience.

Invest well,

John Carney

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