The Future of Real Estate Podcast with Brett Swarts

How to Use Your Crypto Gains to Make Cash Flow with Brett SwartsThe Future of Real Estate

Brett Swarts is the Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, a national Deferred Sales Trust (DST) Trustee firm that provides one-to-one business owner & investor guidance throughout a client’s entire Deferred Sales Trust process. The team has over 13 years of Deferred Sales Trust experience, 20 years of investment real estate experience, and have participated in over 350 Million of Deferred Sales Trust, Multifamily Brokerage, Delaware Statutory Trust, 1031 exchanges, and commercial real estate transactions.

In this episode, Brett and I talked about a variety of topics. He shared with us how he got into DST, how long DST has been around, and how it would be beneficial to the industry if there were more tax firms that did DST. He also shared real life stories on how the use of DST has helped some of his clients.

There are so many takeaways from this episode which is why you shouldn’t miss it!


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