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What are you going to do if you can no longer do a 1031 Exchange? What are your options? These are questions that are being asked in real estate investing circles all over the country right now. A favorite but lesser-known option for deferring capital gains taxes is the Deferred Sales Trust™. If you are ultra high net worth, or are intending to sell a business, commercial real estate, or anything with a large capital gains liability, you need to know about the Deferred Sales Trust™, and you need to listen to this conversation I had with Brett Swarts, Founder, and CEO of Capital Gains Tax Solutions.

Brett created Capital Gains Tax Solutions to equip high net worth individuals and their trusted advisors with the Deferred Sales Trust™ tool to help them solve capital gains tax deferral limitations. The first step to a great exit and wealth plan is to sell your highly appreciated assets when the time is right for you. The second step is to defer your capital gains tax, pay off your debt and remove funds from your taxable estate. The last step is to have the funds invested in a diversified portfolio of liquid investments and real estate. The foundation to these 3 steps is timing.

Enjoy the episode!

Key Points:

  • Brett shares his start in real estate as a broker and how he came across Deferred Sales Trusts (1:01)
  • The “Perfect Storm” forming against real estate investors and baby boomers (4:56)
  • The “Blockbuster” way of doing things versus the “Netflix” way of doing things (8:19)
  • The 3 Secrets of an Optimal Timing Transformational Exit or Wealth Plan (11:57)
  • Step by step through an example deal (14:15)
  • How does the relationship with the funds work once they’re in the trust? (19:14)
  • Brett explains how deferred sales trusts fit into the estate planning process (24:21)
  • Critical information for high-net-worth families (26:49)
  • Options for your interest payments and income tax deferral (29:13)



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