Deferred Sales Trust | Lockbox

June 16, 2021
Deferred Sales Trust | Lockbox

The Lockbox Podcast with Jeffrey Brogger introduces listeners to the founder of STEEZY.Digital and how to empower real estate professionals with technology. Jeffrey has coached many clients on growing their businesses and looks to get insight to his listeners from the mountains of info his guests will provide. On the show, Jeffrey shares his own expertise as a marketing guru and expanding your real estate business using technology. Guests on The Lockbox Podcast include experts in their field who have succeeded in real estate and technology, and can share their secrets so you can do it too. Tune in each week for a dynamic conversation about tried, tested, and fine-tuned ways to grow your business.


Deferred Sales Trust | Lockbox


Episode 032  Eliminate the Need for the 1031 Exchange with Tax-Deferred Trusts! 

-The Lockbox Podcast with Jeffrey Brogger 

Brett Swarts of Capital Gains Tax Solutions looks to help high-net-worth individuals create and preserve more wealth. Brett specializes in using the Deferred Sales Trust, not the 1031 exchange, to help high net worth individuals take advantage of tax deferral, liquidity, diversification, and the ability to buy property at optimal timing. Brett has a passion to create a relationship with the client and to find solutions that work in their best interest.

Brett’s mission is to train 500-hundred thousand business professionals to help clients escape the 1031 exchange forever. Brett and his team train luxury realtors, business brokers, financial advisors and CRE brokers and syndicators. 

You’ll want to listen to this episode more than once to understand the creativity and problem solving that’s part of Brett’s process. In our conversation we discuss:

  • How the Deferred Sales Trust works.
  • Several examples on how clients benefited.
  • How Brett and his team scaled up Deferred Sales Trust transactions.
  • A cryptocurrency case.
  • The future of the real estate transactions.
  • Create your videos and be vulnerable.
  • What contributes to Brett’s professional and personal success?




Enjoy the show!

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