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Welcome to Investing Across Borders with Lauren Cohen. Every week she will share valuable information that you need to know in order to successfully invest in real estate and other business endeavors in North America. We believe in helping clients invest, live, work, and play across borders. And now, your host, Lauren Cohen.

Lauren Cohen 0:27
Good afternoon, everybody. This is Lauren Cohen, international legal and real estate expert, and the host of investing across borders, a podcast where we teach you our listeners how to invest live, work, and play across borders, because at the end of the day, we all want to play right. So our goal today is to teach you some really cool stuff about capital gains, exemptions, savings and opportunities with my guests, Brett Swarts. And also I wanted to mention the fact that we are a sponsored podcast now, which is super exciting. We are sponsored by Lendai, a company that lends born investor dollars to Canadians, Brits. Australians and Israelis investing in non owner occupied US real estate. So it’s a pleasure to have Lendai as my partner I love working with them. And it’s a quick and easy process to figure out if you qualify to buy that non owner occupied investment property in the US how amazing right? Anyway, I’m sure Brett, you’ve heard a lot of challenges about that having worked with foreign investors over time. And so what I’d love to do is just have you briefly introduce yourself and share a bit about about you. And also after that we’ll talk about how we met.

Brett Swarts 1:44
Excellent. Thanks a lot for having me. Yeah, Brett Swarts here, founder of capital gains tax solutions, located in Northern California. And so I’m married. I’ve got five kids and wife primary for 12 years and kids from three to 11. And we really focus on helping high net worth individuals defer capital gains tax on the sale of highly appreciated assets, including cryptocurrency, commercial real estate, businesses, primary homes, whether you’re a citizen of the US or not, it works for anything that’s subject to highly appreciated us capital gains tax assets. And so that’s a little bit about me.

Lauren Cohen 2:22
Let’s backtrack for a second. I met Brett at an eXp commercial event. It was my first live event since the pandemic started. And I actually spoke at a global summit the next day. But there were about 50 people in the room learning about eXp commercial, which is an amazing portal. As everybody knows I’m part of eXp commercial. It’s an amazing brokerage. It’s been life changing for me, it’s helped me to build my How To Immigrate Through Real Estate signature program. Brett, when did you join up with eXp? What was your history and why?

Brett Swarts 3:00
Absolutely. So before my capital gains tax solutions days, I started out as a commercial real estate broker at a company called Marcus and Millichap. We specialized in multifamily. And they do industrial office, land, senior housing, but my specialty was multifamily. This was like 2006, so this is right, when everything was going really well. And then everything wasn’t going so well. Right? The calm before the storm. And so that’s where my journey began with capital gains tax deferral, 1031, exchanges, investment, real estate. And then fast forward. I’m still a California real estate broker. I still do multifamily here in Sacramento. But then we also train and coach agents on how to win more listings using the deferred sales trust, which we’ll talk about here in a minute. But that led me to eXp commercial. A friend of mine called me about a year and a half ago and said, Hey, commercials on the way. I had heard about eXp five years prior and I dismissed it because it wasn’t commercial. Right? And I had my blinders on. Honestly, I just didn’t have enough bandwidth. I was so focused on capital gains, tax solutions, and commercial real estate that I just dismissed it. I didn’t underwrite the model. I didn’t look at it right. But then my buddy called me and says commercials on the way. It’s not here yet, but it’s coming. So I joined about six months prior to commercial actually launching. And so when it actually launched and I found out that Jim Wong, President of eXp commercial, former Marcus and Millichap agent, BRC advisors, I literally called him within an hour of the announcement. And I flew down the next day to Irvine, to meet with them face to face to say, Hey, Jim, I’ve been waiting for you to come here and open this up. Let’s go. And so that’s been the journey and it’s been an amazing opportunity to network and learn and grow with other real estate entrepreneurs, and practitioners, and I absolutely love eXp Commercial. So that’s the journey, Lauren.

Lauren Cohen 5:02
Awesome. Well, the journey with five children is very interesting to me too. How did that all go during the pandemic? You said that they’re from three to 11?

Brett Swarts 5:14
Exactly three to 11

Lauren Cohen 5:15
And the 11 year old was probably the worst, right?

Brett Swarts 5:18
You know, she’s pretty amazing.

Lauren Cohen 5:20
Oh it’s a girl, that changes that. It’s different, mine’s a boy turning 11 in two weeks, and I think girls are much more adjustable and get through things more easily at that age.

Brett Swarts 5:34
For sure. Right. And we’re in California. So we’ve got a bit of, let’s say there’s lots of places to go. Tahoe, Santa Cruz, the mountains. And so it depends where you’re at. So we did find, you know, they’re very adaptable. She’s very independent. She’s very creative. She dug more into her artistic side of things, drawings, and things.

Lauren Cohen 5:56
I’m jealous. And the little ones, they were okay, too?

Brett Swarts 6:02
Yeah, the little ones. So I have 3, 5, 8, and 9. And so same thing, you know, we do outside soccer, we do a lot of activities outside. So that was really good. We did just fine where we were at.

Lauren Cohen 6:17
Cool. Yeah, it was definitely a challenge for me. But I also only have one. And I think it makes a big difference because he was alone.

Brett Swarts 6:24
That’s a good point. Because they have each other to play with all the time and play.



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