Episode 553

A Powerful Tool of the Wealthy with Brett Swarts Episode 553



A Deferred Sales Trust is one of the most powerful tools available to real estate investors.This strategy can help you build wealth, defer taxes, and maximize your depreciation benefits. The key to taking advantage of this powerful tax deferral tool is to understand how it works.

On today’s show, Brett Swarts from Capital Gains Tax Solutions is back to break down the Deferred Sales Trust. We’ll talk about tax advantages, estate taxes, depreciation schedules, and more. If you want to determine if a Deferred Sales Trust is right for you, don’t miss this episode of Investing in Real Estate!


On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How a Deferred Sales Trust differs from a 1031 Exchange.
  • How a depreciation schedule works in a Deferred Sales Trust.
  • The power of a cost segregation.
  • The best time to do a cost segregation.
  • How to get the maximum amount of your depreciation schedule.
  • How to get started with a Deferred Sales Trust.


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