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December 10, 2019




Brett is an entrepreneur, one of the most well-rounded Capital Gains Tax Deferral Experts, Commerical Real Estate investor, podcaster, deferred sales trust educator/trustee, Founder of Commercial Realty Apartment Advisors and the CEO of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, an educational platform inspires and helps business professionals execute a passive capital gains tax deferral wealth plan of their own. He holds series 22 & 63 licenses. Brett has been featured in various notable podcasts across the web and who trains hundreds of business professionals at companies such as Marcus & Millichap, Keller Williams, Western International Securities, Multifamily Investing Academy & Equilus Financial Group, Inc.


  1.     Capital Gains Tax versus Income Tax
  2.     What is smart debt, risky debt, and dumb debt
  3.     The Pros of Deferred Sales Trust (DST) versus 1031 Exchanges
  4.     How to defer capital gains tax on the sale of business or primary home and invest into commercial real estate all tax-deferred
  5.     How  to create and preserve more wealth
  6.     Why one would want to defer taxes
  7.     The role of Trustee and what to look for
  8.     Estate Tax Planning
  9.     How to avoid overpaying  taxes and escape from 1031 exchange



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By Brett

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