How Investors Can Defer Taxes Outside of 1031 Exchanges

with Brett Swarts


Deferred Sales Trust | 10,000 Roads to Financial Independence


In this episode, Brett Swarts explains what alternative methods exist for deferring capital gains taxes that many investors haven’t heard about and how to capitalize on them.

Brett is the Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions and is an expert in setting up Deferred Sales Trusts, helping clients build tax-deferred exit strategies from all areas include crypto traders, multifamily investors, and entrepreneurs. He is also a Multifamily Broker in Sacramento, CA.


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You can learn more about Brett at and get more information about deferred sales trusts and other tax deferral strategies on his Youtube channel


Elisa Zhang is the owner and principal of over $450M in multifamily apartment buildings. She is also a mother of two kids, an artist, an educator, and the breadwinner of her family.


She provides in-depth advice and education on financial independence, real estate investing, generating passive income, mindset hacks, and productivity hacks through EZ FI (Financial Independence) University. She is on a mission to help others have the financial freedom to retire early from their jobs and make money while they sleep by investing in real estate.


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