To Use The Deferred Sales Trust or Not, That Is The Question


Hi, my name is Brett Swarts, Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions where we help you or your clients escape feeling trapped by capital gains tax using a Deferred Sales Trust. In this video we’re covering the two choices you have, To Deferred Sales Trust or Not Deferred Sales Trust. That is the question. The way I see it, you have two choices. The first is to do nothing and not take the leap of faith, which is 100% risk-free for you if you decide not to use the Deferred Sales Trust. Maybe you’re concerned about the legality, maybe you’re concerned about it’s so new. Your professionals don’t know about it, and your first choice is to not take the leap of faith with us and our team and our track record, and that’s 100% risk-free. Although of course, you’ll pay the tax rate potentially, if you’re not using something else. The second option is to close on the Deferred Sales Trust action and allow the Deferred Sales Trust to pony up as a part of the proceeds the cost of the trust. By the way, what would have paid to the IRS anyway, can if you know typically 30 to 50% of your gain, and allow the Deferred Sales Trust to deliver what we believe is a transformational exit and wealth plan for you. Compared to all of the value you were able to get.

You want to weigh all of those different options, and just give it a shot and see if it’ll work for you, and this is the beauty of the Deferred Sales Trust, if it doesn’t work for you, for whatever reason, you get your money back. We can structure or literally we can set it for six months or 12 months or three year note, a very short term note, you can get all of your money back less than the DST Deferred Sales Trust, one time fee, and less that’s on the sales price and less the net proceeds that went into the trust for the first year. It’s 100% risk-free. You’d lose that. But the rest of it, you get your money back and you just pay the tax anyway. We believe there’s little risk here, and you have nothing to lose except for that 1.5% of the sales price, one-time fee, and the 1.5% of the net proceeds that you would lose. Again that compared to the stress and headaches of potentially selling your business, your real estate, your highly appreciated asset, we believe is not much. We encourage you to take the leap of faith to work with us and to see that the 1000’s of closes 25 years with allow us to be the dream team for you for your Deferred Sales Trust. We hope that you take that choice to work with us and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Thank you so much. Please go to if you have any more questions or if you’re already a client, you can always book a time to call me direct. I’m always available to discuss all of this content. Thank you so much.




Closed Deal Story


Can I Save Capital Gains Tax When Selling Cryptocurrency? The answer is, “YES.”


Silicon Valley Technology Expert Finds A ‘Deferred Sales Trust’ To Break Open A Clear Path To Sell Cryptocurrency To Defer Capital Gains Tax


Can I save capital gains tax when selling cryptocurrency? The answer is, “yes.” About 7 years ago, Peter and his wife purchased their first Ethereum. Who would have anticipated that the value would have increased by thousands of percent in just a few years? Peter, who has worked in the technology field for more than 20 years, saw a great opportunity to sell in late 2017, however, without a clear legal plan to defer the large capital gains tax, found himself feeling trapped by the consequences of selling.

Peter held on to his belief in the fundamental value of ethereum and the potential business opportunities it brought to end-users during the 2018 crash when the value of ETH fell from $1,432 to below $90. “That was a tough pill to swallow,” Peter continued. Fortunately, everything returned in 2021, and much more. In early 2021, Peter met Jessica Lanning of Lanning Financial who told him about the Deferred Sales Trust and introduced him to Brett Swarts of Capital Gains Tax Solutions. Then in May of 2021, ETH reached an all-time high of $4362. “I knew it was time to sell at least a big portion of my stock since I didn’t want to miss this opportunity again. Let’s just say it’s been a long three years since the high in 2018.”



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