More Than Just a Deferred Sales Trust Trustee. Why Consider Choosing Brett Swarts?


Hi, my name is Brett Swarts, Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, where we help you or your clients escape feeling trapped by capital gains tax. In this video, we’re covering more than just a trustee. And so really a guide, that’s really one of our values here at Capital Gains Tax Solutions is to help guide you in the Deferred Sales Trust process, and become or should we earn it a part of your dream team to help you create and preserve more wealth.


What is a Trustee? What is our role at Capital Gains Tax Solutions?


That’s what we do. We’re an exclusive trustee for the Deferred Sales Trust. We serve that role, there’s kind of really three primary roles, there’s the trustee every trust needs. Then there’s the financial advisor who manages the funds on behalf of the trust. Then there’s the tax attorney who forms the trust and provides the legal audit defense for the life of the trust. All of us as a team are working for you the note holder in this scenario, you become like a lender or the bank, that’s lending your funds to the trust in return for a what’s called a promissory note, with a set a return, and set of risk tolerances that are associated with that determine how and where the funds are invested.

But this video, we want to really focus on what we aim to do, which is become more than a trustee, which is really become part of your dream team. Here at Capital Gains Tax Solutions part of my background, we love commercial real estate. In fact, that’s where I started out in the business in 2006. Actually grew up in the bay area with my dad owning building rental properties and custom homes, and then learn at Marcus & Millichap how to buy and sell multifamily properties to help clients do that along the way. Sold about $100 million over the years. I’ve also owned and invested with others as well. I like to earn your business as a part of the Deferred Sales Trust me the trustee. But more than that to be a commercial real estate expert for you, someone you can lean on, help you with transactions or deals or anything that I can help to add value than just is more than a trustee. If you if you’re involved in commercial real estate or looking at deals, I can be a resource for you to help you with that. That’s often what we do, by the way, the Deferred Sales Trust. In fact, we have clients that have sold properties used and put into the Deferred Sales Trust. Then we can introduce them to amazing commercial real estate operators. Really the three main ones, we love our senior housing, assisted living, mobile, home parks and multifamily, mostly out of the state of California because the prices are so high here.That being said, more than a trustee. Yes, we want to be a commercial real estate expert on your behalf. And so the second thing is, we’re a fiduciary to you. Our sole focus is achieving the results, of which the Deferred Sales Trust was originally intended for when you set it up, which again, is that tax deferral? It’s this liquidity, it’s diversification, it’s a rate of return. What we do is we go, and we work with a financial advisor, we work with the tax attorneys, and commercial real estate operators and experts to achieve that. But the sole focus is achieving the best rate of return and the lowest amount of risk for you. Now, remember, you’re the lender, you’re like the chairman or the chairman woman of the bank, and everything must be approved, the investments must be improved and none of the funds moves unless you’ve approved them. That is a part of what we provide. Here are the fiduciary funds, by the way, held at a third party bank such as TD Ameritrade and or we have another bank that can also hold the funds and provide what’s called DACA, which is Direct Access Control Agreement. Lots of protections, lots of lots of lots of different, really guardrails in place to keep everything safe. That is this video is more than a trustee. We want to be a part of your dream team. And so we hope to work with you and to serve you and your family to help you create and preserve our wealth using a Deferred Sales Trust. If you’re interested in learning more you can go to or if you’re watching this video, you’re already a client. Thank you so much for being our client and we look forward to serving you better now and in the future. Thanks so much.




Closed Deal Story


Selling Bitcoin, Ethereum Capital Gains Tax-Deferred Using the Deferred Sales Trust


I believe that is where we’re at with cryptocurrency’s current marketplace. We closed the first Bitcoin and Ethereum case for $5 million and helped the client defer around $1.5M in capital gains tax. Now we’re getting a wave of individuals who are finding us. You might be finding us right now.

One of the biggest challenges with folks who are selling cryptocurrency is they want to be able to diversify, they want to be able to time the real estate market and or even the crypto market, they want to be able to have some liquidity, some cash flow, and so part of this vision is taking helping our clients who are in cryptocurrency, buy an investment, real estate, all tax-deferred, using the Deferred Sales Trust, also invest with Jake Mellor as the financial advisor to in a diversified investment grade security or start a business. Whatever the outcome that you want to do. Why is it that you’re investing with any type of asset? What if you could sell high, diversify, and buy back in whenever you’d like to? This is what we’ve already done and we’re doing, we’ve already proven it.

Read The Full Case Study Here



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