Is A Deferred Sales Trust Legal? A Step By Step Breakdown Of What It Is And Legal Track Record


Meet Dave, who’s a Baby Boomer and Long Term CRE owner and developer who’s trying to retire. He really wanted to say goodbye to the stress and burden of owning an apartment complex, so he wouldn’t have to spend so much time away from his family and enjoying his hobbies. The thing is if Dave sells his complex, he paid $1.1 million in capital gains tax. And he needs a predictable passive income stream in retirement and doesn’t want to just do another 1031 Exchange, which puts him in another property. Dave asked his friend John if there’s an alternative to 1031 Exchange, and if he knew someone, he can talk to you about calculating the potential tax consequences, before he puts his property up for sale. John tells them he has a more attractive solution than selling the property and paying the $1.1 million tax, and that it could save him a lot of money. John tells him, he worked with Brett Swarts at Capital Gains Tax Solutions. And that’s when he learned a secret, all about eliminating the need for a 1031 exchange using a proprietary structure known as a Deferred Sales Trust or DST. Once you understood the DST, it was now crystal clear to John how to sell his property and make money from the tax he would have paid because he saw how the Deferred Sales Trust could help him defer the tax have liquidity, diversification and a way out of a 1031 exchange. He explained to Dave how this helped him achieve his financial goals and allowed him to never have to face overpaying for a property in a 1031 exchange ever again.

John also learned that traditional 1031 exchanges aren’t enough anymore to defer tax, reduce risk and make money in CRE and that he needed to create an optimal timing wealth plan, which solves capital gains tax from multiple angles. Instead, John gave Dave contact information for Brett Swarts, the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions. As a result, Dave connected with Brett clarified his optimal timing wealth plan sold his apartment complex and the net proceeds were moved into the Deferred Sales Trust. After closing his DST, Dave was not only able to spend more time with his family but also enjoy his hobbies. He has also been able to create more wealth by investing passively back into real estate at any time all tax-deferred because he’s no longer trapped by the 1031 restrictive guidelines. After he did that, he started spending more time with his family and enjoying his hobbies. Deferring capital gains tax on the sale of your primary home, business investment, real estate or other highly appreciated asset used to be complicated. Not anymore. Schedule a no-cost consultation now to learn why Deferred Sales Trust has been used 1000s of times for over 24 years, and how you can benefit.

Talk to an expert now called Brett at Capital Gains Tax Solutions. To clarify if the Deferred Sales Trust is right for you at 916-886-2986 or go to to learn more, where are the funds invested if you use the Deferred Sales Trust, investing shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we’ve partnered with financial advisors who offer investing platform powered by TD Ameritrade and built around you. Create a portfolio that fits your goals and aligns with what you care about. Because how you invest is as important as why you invest. Decide your initial level of distribution and what level of risk you’re comfortable with. Then our strategic partners experienced investment team will design a diversified portfolio built around what matters to you see all the funds that make up your investment plan. monitor your progress 24/7 online to see how you’re performing and easily make adjustments to help keep you on track to meet your goals. Get started in just a few minutes and benefit from the investment expertise of seasoned financial advisors for your Deferred Sales Trust investing. Life’s too short to feel trapped by assets you’re ready to sell, don’t you think? Get started with a wealth plan today. Book a call today by going to or call Brett at 916-886-2986 to clarify if the Deferred Sales Trust is right for you.




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Can I Save Capital Gains Tax When Selling Cryptocurrency? The answer is, “YES.”


Silicon Valley Technology Expert Finds A ‘Deferred Sales Trust’ To Break Open A Clear Path To Sell Cryptocurrency To Defer Capital Gains Tax


Can I save capital gains tax when selling cryptocurrency? The answer is, “yes.” About 7 years ago, Peter and his wife purchased their first Ethereum. Who would have anticipated that the value would have increased by thousands of percent in just a few years? Peter, who has worked in the technology field for more than 20 years, saw a great opportunity to sell in late 2017, however, without a clear legal plan to defer the large capital gains tax, found himself feeling trapped by the consequences of selling.

Peter held on to his belief in the fundamental value of ethereum and the potential business opportunities it brought to end-users during the 2018 crash when the value of ETH fell from $1,432 to below $90. “That was a tough pill to swallow,” Peter continued. Fortunately, everything returned in 2021, and much more. In early 2021, Peter met Jessica Lanning of Lanning Financial who told him about the Deferred Sales Trust and introduced him to Brett Swarts of Capital Gains Tax Solutions. Then in May of 2021, ETH reached an all-time high of $4362. “I knew it was time to sell at least a big portion of my stock since I didn’t want to miss this opportunity again. Let’s just say it’s been a long three years since the high in 2018.”



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