Help a Baby Boomer Sell their Highly Appreciated Primary Home

January 14, 2019

Meet Kathryn, a single retired nurse who lives in the Los Altos, CA and is also a baby boomer. She bought her house for $300k 25 years ago and is now considering selling for $2M. After her $250k exclusion, she still owes around $525k in capital gains taxes. She feels trapped and cannot afford to rent next door as rents have skyrocketed, however, she needs liquidity and would like to diversify her equity by selling her home. The problem is, the high capital gains tax is keeping her from selling. Is there a way out? Yes! It’s called a deferred sales trust! Join our webinar this Friday to learn how to help yourself or your client who may be in this same situation by going to our website:

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By Brett

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