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Welcome to the Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast. This is a preview episode with my good friend Sabrina Wilcox, who is a CPA. We dive into a full interview of her story and how as a CPA with admin books, she wants to help you to become your partner rather than just your accountant. But this short episode, we’re gonna do a preview, and we’re going to ask one big question that a lot of our clients are people looking at the Deferred Sales Trust or different options phase, and it’s this. Sabrina, what’s the biggest frustration when it comes to capital gains tax deferral options, as you found with your clients, friends or family?


I think one of the biggest frustrations is just kind of the sheer limitation for some of the options that have been out there historically, for example, 1031 like-kind exchanges. Those have always been limited and you’ve never been able to use those for a primary residence, which has always been frustrating. A couple of years ago, when tax reform happened, basically, they took the route the existing rules, unlimited, even more, and now you can’t use that for business assets for vehicles. Really, you can only use it for the property. And a lot of people, might not want to sell a property and then buy a new one. They might want to get out of that and still have a way to defer taxes. I think there’s just been a lot of limitations out there, and a lot of uncertainty as to what is allowed under the tax law. I think with the Deferred Sales Trust, we have kind of a different interpretation, but something that is justified within the language of the law. But I think just the sheer limitations within those existing strategies of what you can do and what kind of property you can use it with has been really challenging.


That was my story, 2006 started Marcus & Millichap. And the market crashed and about 08’ and I saw friends and family and clients lose half or lose all of their wealth and invest in real estate because they had too much debt and partly because they felt like they had to overpay and the previous market cycle for everything stopped. Now there’s a better way we call it the Netflix Way of doing things versus blockbusters called the Deferred Sales Trust, and it works for primary homes it works for businesses, it works for highly appreciate public stock, private stock cryptocurrency and investment real estate can save a failed 1031. I know it sounds too good to be true, so I thought too, but the more you learn about it, understand it, you realize that it actually does work. By the way, if you want to learn more about that you go to, and you can see some clients talking about their exact experience with the Deferred Sales Trust. If you want help with navigating the sale of your highly appreciated asset, we love to help. With that being said look for the full interview with Sabrina and learn about how she has become an admin book has become our strategic alliance. They offer all of the tax return services for all of our Deferred Sales Trust for all of our deals moving forward and past deals. For those who want to find you to Sabrina, what’s the best place for them to find you.


You can find us on our website If you would be interested in learning more about our services, you can reach out for a complimentary what we call a get acquainted meeting where we get to know your situation and we give you information about the different services that we offer. If you’re interested in something like that, you can email us at, and we can get that set up for you.


Beautiful thanks for being on the show, and thanks for being on the Full Episode which everyone you can find right now live on YouTube, and then quickly drop on iTunes.




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Peter held on to his belief in the fundamental value of ethereum and the potential business opportunities it brought to end-users during the 2018 crash when the value of ETH fell from $1,432 to below $90. “That was a tough pill to swallow,” Peter continued. Fortunately, everything returned in 2021, and much more. In early 2021, Peter met Jessica Lanning of Lanning Financial who told him about the Deferred Sales Trust and introduced him to Brett Swarts of Capital Gains Tax Solutions. Then in May of 2021, ETH reached an all-time high of $4362. “I knew it was time to sell at least a big portion of my stock since I didn’t want to miss this opportunity again. Let’s just say it’s been a long three years since the high in 2018.”



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