Update Request Walkthrough.


How To Answer Your Update Request


You will receive an email from us requesting to fill in your information missing from our records.

Please check your email for “UPDATE REQUEST”

1. Click the blue button “Open Update Form”

cgts update request


2. Type your answer only to areas with “Client Answer Here”

3. Feel free to add Comments

4. Click “Next” to proceed with the next question.

cgts smartsheet update request



Here are Some Documents we need from you:



  • Trust Name example: Riverside 2021 DST Trust (Please note that trust name should not be connected with your name and there should always be a year indicated in each trust, based on the target closing year)
  • Noteholder (Name, eMail and Phone Number)
  • 2nd Signatory is your Spouse/ Wife/ Partner (Name, eMail and Phone Number)
  • Home Address (This is needed for your Note Distribution Checks and Sunwest Bank Account Opening)
  • Who Referred you?
  • When would you like for your payout to start?
  • How much monthly payments do you like to receive?
  • Broker (Name, eMail and Phone Number)
  • Escrow Officer (Name, eMail and Phone Number)
  • 1031 Administrator (Name, eMail and Phone Number)
  • Other Business Professionals (Name, eMail and Phone Number)


How To Provide Requested Documents


You will also receive a second “Update Request” to help us gather the existing documents we need to proceed to close.

1. Click the blue button “Open Open The Form”

cgts update request


2. Add the fully executed document

3. Update the Status to ✅

4. Add a comment if needed

5. Click Next to proceed

cgts update request



Here are Some Documents we need from you:



  • Purchase Contract, Counters, Addendums
  • Added Addendum (asap)
  • Added Addendum (final assignment)
  • LLC formation docs & partnership agreements, if any
  • Property Depreciation Schedule (optional)
  • Escrow Instructions
  • Settlement Statement (estimated or final)
  • 1031 Exchange Info, if any
  • 1031 Exchange Agreement, if any
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