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Are you or your client struggling with Capital gain Tax?

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Are you struggling with Capital Gain Tax?
Most Investors, real estate or business owners struggle with capital gains tax when they sell their assets. We use a deferred sales trust to help them gain tax deferral, liquidity, diversification ((invest in stocks, bonds and mutual funds)and freedom to buy investment real estate at their own timing (all tax-deferred) with their funds so they can create and preserve more wealth.
What you need is options – Like you, we are frustrated with feeling pressured or trapped by capital gains tax where we cannot afford to sell or must complete a like-kind 1031 exchange in order to save from paying the tax! We use to be tired of the 45 day and 180 days sprint.
You don’t have to feel trapped. We have a tax strategy and can take care of that for you. In fact, we usually get people in a better position to create and preserve more wealth.
Capital Gains Tax Solutions

With a private call you GET:

  • A thorough understanding of the Deferred Sales Trust framework.
  • Access to the creator of the deferred sales trust tax attorney who is also a CPA for a review of current assets or business you are selling.
  • You take one step closer to becoming an expert on capital gains tax deferral options.
  • Clarity on your particular capital gains tax liability and a simple process to execute the Deferred Sales Trust.
  • An introduction to a Forbes Council financial advisor that share investment options and can connect you with current clients to make closing your Deferred Sales Trust easier.
  • The Confidence the Deferred Sales Trust Strategy will work for you.
  • Actionable changes you can make immediately to your deal or escrow to increase capital gains tax deferral options.

The benefits go far beyond our call

We’ll listen to your challenges and opportunities. We’ll work together to identify and clarify what may be confusing about the Deferred Sales Trust. Then, we’ll provide answers to your questions and share the DST legal track record. From there, if you would like to have the DST as an option, we will encourage you to have your legal counsel and CPA sign the non-disclosure agreement and review the Deferred Sales Trust structure and give their blessing before moving forward. Then upon request, we will give you client referrals (which fit your circumstance) for you to hear directly from the build your confidence in who we are and how we work with clients and give them access to the DST tool to help them create and preserve more wealth.

*Please note all of the above is no-cost and no obligation. The DST attorneys and Capital Gains Tax Solutions do not get paid unless your escrow closes and you choose to use the DST.

the deferred sales trust is ideal if:
  • You’re feeling pressured, rushed, trapped, forced to make quick 1031 exchange decisions and want to buy real estate at your own timing.
  • You would like to sell high and wait on the sidelines and/or buy or develop real estate at your own timing all tax-deferred.
  • You want to trade toilets, trash, management and liability for time, travel, liquidity, diversification and retirement.
  • You’re selling your primary residence and the $250,000 or $500,000 exclusion is not enough to offset your capital gains tax and you don’t want to pay down.
  • You’re selling your business and want to defer your capital gains tax instead of paying it to Uncle Sam.
  • You’re struggling with High Capital Gains Tax on the sale of your asset around 37% of your gain and restrictive 1031 laws holding you back from selling.

DST Clarity Overview Guide

Free Resource

How much will your capital gains tax cost you?

With this Deferred Sales Trust guide, we’ll help you beat the confusion that’s holding back you and your trusted advisors from embracing the deferred sales Trust. How? By showing you how the deferred sales trust works and to build your confidence in the strategy s0 you can create and preserve more wealth.

Capital Gains Tax Solutions

Proven Structure:


During your no-cost and no obligation consultation call. We’ll take you and your trusted advisor through the Deferred Sales Trust Structure and Strategy, its 22 years track record of over 2000 Deferred Sales Trust closed cases and 14 IRS (No change Audits). From there we will walk you through the 5 step process giving you a game plan for closing your Deferred Sales Trust. Deferring your capital gains tax and giving you options to create more wealth through investing before-tax dollars in:
  • A balanced portfolio of securities
  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutal Funds
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Develop Commercial Real Estate
  • Invest into CRE syndications
  • Business
  • Funding Insurance Policies

What Clients experience after implementing the DST

  • Clarity of options for capital gains tax deferral
  • Liquidity and Diversification with access to a clear and balanced financial investment portfolio. Convert and illiquid assetss, like a business or commercial real estate, into a diversified portfolio of liquid investment which can help reduce risk and volatility by preventing overexposure to a single asset class.
  • Estate Planning, at the close of the DST, moves funds outside of the taxable estate to avoid the 40% estate tax on amounts over $11M single or $22M married couple.
  • Buyback into and back out of the real estate (Depreciation Schedule resets when the property is purchased in partnership with a DST) at your own timing (all capital gains tax deferred, without having to follow any timing guidelines.)
  • Eliminate the Need for a 1031 exchange. The DST is a 1931 Exchange alternative or rescue.
  • Net rental income. If you buy a property through the DST you can delay the rental distribution income. This can lower your tax bracket potentially and you earn interest on the income you would have normally paid Uncle Sam.
  • Partnership Interest:  When a partnership or other ownership group sells an appreciated asset, they do not need to remain together to achieve tax deferral, as is typically the case with a 1031 Exchange. Each Individual owner can have their own Deferred Sales Trust, the asset of which can be managed to each taxpayer’s own individual risk tolerance and preferences.
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