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If you’re like most of my clients or strategic partners, you’re already a high-achieving leader who practices the habit of investing and executing a business plan in commercial real estate, high end primary home or a business for many years.  Or help others do the same. You’re committed to making big contributions for yourself, your family, friends and community—and seeing big profits when you sell. But you’re not just looking for one-dimensional success. You also want to have the option to retire from toilets, trash, liability, employees, downsize from your large home or business and have more passive income to thrive in the other domains of life besides wealth accumulation and have more free time for:       
  • Your relationships with family and friends
  • Your health
  • Your hobbies, passions, and interests
  • Your financial legacy in the lives of the people around you
You’re after long-lasting, multidimensional and multi-generational success and time and space to enjoy your wealth and give more of it away. And that really matters. Winning in wealth accumulation doesn’t automatically equate to winning in enjoying your wealth, giving it away and succession planning. When you win in these areas this improves the lives of everyone around you. Your family enjoys a more joyful less stressed, fulfilled leader. Plus you have the energy, time and stamina you need to enjoy more of the best of what life has to offer.

But there’s something in the way isn’t there?

Capital Gains tax and depreciation recapture in the amount of 30-50% of your gains being wiped out when you sell. For investment real estate  owners, your reluctant to sell because you don’t want to chase an overpriced 1031 property in a short 45 DAYS TO IDENTIFY AND 180 DAYS TO CLOSE window. You may want to purchase an investment property at optimal timing (when ever you want) all tax deferred or want to retire from your commercial real estate holdings, business, start a new business, or downsize your home and live the vision of your life, but it feels like every time you consider selling there too much tax and no real clear flexible solution. When you look at tax deferral options your let down due to non-liquidity, non-diversification, having to stay in debt with the same depreciation schedule, not being able to move equity outside of your taxable estate and having to overpay with a 1031 and/or having to give too much away to charity. The sense that you’re shortchanging one vision or your life or priority to serve another never ends. You feel like a juggler with fifteen wealth balls in the air and, too often, your time and energy are consumed by keeping these balls in the air —you want to more passive, with a passive income stream and have less stress. Sound familiar?        

My clients and i have been there, too.


“If I were to sell I would be killed with capital gains taxes. Plus I don’t want to do another 1031 Exchange and start over with a new property and new management responsibilities.” -clients



I know what it feels like to feel stressed and want to have more time and energy margin in your life with a passive income stream and to have your financial success outpace your ability to manage it, diversity it and being able close that chapter of your life while still not giving away 30-50% to the IRS. For years, my clients and I struggled to balance it all and find a clear solution. And many of my client’s success came at the expense of their wealth in the 2008 crash due to too much debt and too many 1031 exchanges into higher priced properties. Or just not selling their business or primary home at the peak due to not having a suitable capital gains tax deferral solution.

The turnaround for me came when I realized the answer isn’t simply to continue to squeeze the purchasing real estate peg into the one size 1031 fits all hole, not sell a business due to no suitable capital gains tax deferral option, not sell a highly appreciated home due to not enough 121 exclusion available to offset the capital gains tax. Success in wealth accumulation is about having the freedom to sell and gain liquidity, passive income, diversification and the ability buy investment real estate or a business at the optimal time all tax deferred. I discovered how to give my clients more time and flexibility to do this. Since then, my career calling and passion for equipping others with the deferred sales trust has never been the same.

But my favorite wins are at home!

I’ve been married to my wife, Melanie, for 10+ years and we’re more in love now than ever. We have four daughters, one son and over a dozen local cousins and live next to amazing grandparents who live in the same town we both grew up in; Rocklin, California.  It's not a magic trick and I know it seems like its too good to be true. I’m certainly no superhero. I’ve simply discovered a tax deferral strategy and a Law Firm who has help thousands of individuals exit highly appreciated assets in a flexible, diversified and passive way to give me and my clients more time and space to do more of what matters, less of what doesn’t and create and preserve more wealth.


Together with my team at Capital Gains Tax Solutions, I help overwhelmed high achievers like you win at funding a passive or active tax deferred income stream, succeed at timing the real estate market, and sell with confidence. Our mission is to equip you with the deferred sales trust, give you the clarity for multiple tax deferral options, and support your need to stop all the market cycle frenzy and start investing with freedom at optimal timing.   Through full transparency, laser focus  on specific niche deferred sales trust tool—we’re creating a tax deferred revolution. Every day, we see leaders like yourself trade the toilets, trash and day to day management responsibilities for balanced passive income stream or ability to invest back into investment real estate at any time or securities all tax deferred.      

Now its your turn


What is your passive income and tax deferral plan? What trusted advisor do you need to connect us with so we are all on the same page? Live escrow for the sale of a business or property? Current 1031? Planning to sell soon? If so go ahead and use the below link to my calendar where you can schedule a mutually convenient time for us to speak.  


Yes, you really can win with capital gains tax, sell and buy at the optimal time with a new depreciation schedule, move funds outside your taxable estate, save a failed 1031 exchange, and retire from toilets, trash, employees and liability. All it takes is the intention and a tax deferral leadership mentor to guide you. If you’ll provide the first, I’ll provide the second. Let’s get started.


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