The Biggest Thing To Overcome For The Deferred Sales Trust With David Sloan


“I would say that the biggest thing to overcome is probably not too different from anyone else is. It sounds like a great alternative.” – David Sloan


Brett Swarts:

What was the hardest thing to overcome? Because being in the multifamily industry for a while and maybe doing 1031s or maybe hadn’t done any 1031s in regards to your syndications? What was the hardest thing to overcome for the Deferred Sales Trust? Because I know for me at Marcus & Millichap, this was like 11 years ago, when I first heard about him. How some multifamily deals doing 1031’s clients are like, what this seems like too good to be true, or how does it how is it really going to be worked for me? What was the biggest challenge for you to overcome, David? What is it like now that the trust is been closed? How’s it working out?

David Sloan:

I would say that the biggest thing to overcome is probably not too different for anyone else is, it sounds like a great alternative. But what’s the catch? I would say, the catch really is, number one, and really understanding how it works and getting comfortable with it. Number two, I would say that the paperwork was pretty easy. We thought you surround yourself with a good group of advisers, Robert Binkele, as well as Todd Campbell on the legal side. A good team that will take the time to sit down and have or have a phone call and Roberts case. A good team that really knows what they’re doing, that’s really helpful. I would say, on what would be something that would be I don’t want to say it’s a negative, it’s just a learning curve, and that is taking that money and reinvesting it in deals, our own deals. It’s a little extra paperwork, yes. However, it’s worth it because you can take that money, delay avoiding taxes, and really be able to use that money tax-free, obviously. Until there’s some sort of a liquidation event. But grow that money, prior to paying taxes, just like kind of a self-directed IRA. It’s really nice to be able to do that, and it provides us with the ability to grow our business.

Brett Swarts:

That’s what we pride ourselves on giving you some more access to capital delaying deferring the tax versus 1031 Exchange. Where it can be very kind of challenging in 99% of syndicators we work with do not 1031. They don’t allow 1031 money in order to do it out because it’s just too complicated. But the Deferred Sales Trust is very, very flexible and allows each individual to kind of go their separate ways, and then to have their own Deferred Sales Trust to go back into more deals and you can learn more about that at, that’s




Closed Deal Story


Can I Save Capital Gains Tax When Selling Cryptocurrency? The answer is, “YES.”


Silicon Valley Technology Expert Finds A ‘Deferred Sales Trust’ To Break Open A Clear Path To Sell Cryptocurrency To Defer Capital Gains Tax


Can I save capital gains tax when selling cryptocurrency? The answer is, “yes.” About 7 years ago, Peter and his wife purchased their first Ethereum. Who would have anticipated that the value would have increased by thousands of percent in just a few years? Peter, who has worked in the technology field for more than 20 years, saw a great opportunity to sell in late 2017, however, without a clear legal plan to defer the large capital gains tax, found himself feeling trapped by the consequences of selling.

Peter held on to his belief in the fundamental value of ethereum and the potential business opportunities it brought to end-users during the 2018 crash when the value of ETH fell from $1,432 to below $90. “That was a tough pill to swallow,” Peter continued. Fortunately, everything returned in 2021, and much more. In early 2021, Peter met Jessica Lanning of Lanning Financial who told him about the Deferred Sales Trust and introduced him to Brett Swarts of Capital Gains Tax Solutions. Then in May of 2021, ETH reached an all-time high of $4362. “I knew it was time to sell at least a big portion of my stock since I didn’t want to miss this opportunity again. Let’s just say it’s been a long three years since the high in 2018.”

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