Help High-End Primary Home Owners Save Thousands in Capital Gains Tax. So They Will List Their Property with You.
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“This is the best tax marketing innovation and value add tool I’ve seen in years”

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Eliminate the $250K -$500K Primary Home Exclusion Objection


Stop chasing prospects and instead attract high end listings by becoming a capital gains tax ninja.

Become a High End Listing Magnet

You’ll have a proven value add strategy to explode all of your marketing material to attract high net worth clients.
Based on a 90-year-old tax law
IRC Section 453
23-year track record of 2000+ closed transactions with
14 no change IRS audits 


Watch and learn how the deferred sales trust works now!

“It’s a relief to be rid of the apartment building. It was a very lucrative investment, but it came with a lot of headaches that took up my time and energy.”
Peter N. - Sold 18 unit CA Apartment Complex

“I’ve personally found that after being involved in hundreds of real estate transactions, one of the biggest concerns that sellers face when they contemplate divesting of one of their Real Estate investments, is the significant capital gains exposure that might come as a result of the sale. In fact, I’ve seen firsthand many situations where owners of investment property feel somewhat trapped between a rock and a hard place and feel hostage to the outrageous capitals gains that they will pay in the event of a sale And so, in today’s show, we’re going to go into detail on how the Deferred Sales Trust might just be the miracle alternative solution to help you keep more of that wealth in your pocket when entering into a sale of a highly appreciated asset.”
Kevin Bupp - Host of #4 CRE Podcast (Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow)



Zero to sign up and forever free for Real Estate Agents or Brokers, however, how many potential clients are not meeting with you for a listing appointment or leaving your listing presentation without listing their property with you? Is your competitor communicating the deferred sales trust with your clients while you remain silent? How many high-end closed home escrows are you missing out on every day because you don’t have a tax deferral option? Not having a deferral marketing strategy is costing you thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Live Deal? Use The Dst Calculator To See Your Clients Tax Savings Now:

Even better: join the Estate Planning Team now and get access to your own customized DST calculator to showcase your brand. After your client or prospect enters their deal specifics into your personal DST calculator site the results are automatically uploaded into Estate Planning Team’s online deal portal and sent to you to review. This portal tracks each Deferred Sales Trust deal from start to finish. Edit, view and save the changes to the transaction all in one place. You can even use the system to see where the tax attorney, Trustee (Capital Gains Tax Solutions) and financial advisor are at with the case. If you want to stay organized with your DST deals, EPT’s online portal is the tool you need. No cost to join and forever free. Use the Partner Code: TaxSolutions

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We solve capital gains tax deferral limitations. So people don’t have to feel trapped because we feel it is just plain wrong to not have freedom and options.

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