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Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast

Thinking of selling your business, investing in real estate, deferring tax, or building long-term wealth? Look no further because you’ve come to the right place. Capital Gains Tax Solutions podcast will help you with EVERYTHING you need!

Most business and real estate owners get hammered with 30-50% in capital gains tax when they sell their assets including, businesses, high end primary homes and investment real estate and so much more. Hosted by Brett Swarts, the goal of this podcast is to make complex tax deferral strategies simple. Get clear comparisons for each strategy, deal stories, and financial freedom through wealth building, all so you can create and preserve more wealth or help others do the same. Our laser focus is on the deferred sales trust and to help you or your clients stop feeling trapped by capital gains tax. We want you to have the freedom to retire from the toilets, trash, liability, and managing employees so you can trade them for time, liquidity, diversification, debt-freedom, and passive commercial real estate investing.

Episode Blogs

The 3 Secrets To Your Infinite Banking System Using Whole Life Insurance With Mark Willis
“If I could do one thing with my money, to make everything else easier or unnecessary, building a personal reserve,
Top 3 Wealth Secrets In Multifamily Investing with Charles Dobens
” The thing I like about multifamily investing is that it has five ways to make money. There are five
6 Pillars Of High Performance With Carla Blumenthal
“The idea of becoming all that you were created to be, so that not only can you produce more, right
Bruce Petersen On Not Knowing What You Don't Know Can Hurt You With Capital Gains Tax
“Just always be curious. Always be learning.” Bruce Petersen is an award-winning real estate syndicator, multifamily expert, TV personality, public
Creating Scale, Efficiency, and Time-Freedom For Your Business With Trained Virtual Assistants With Bob Lachance
“The most important qualification for becoming a champion is an intense burning desire.” Bob Lachance is the founder of Reva
“There’s power in failure, you know, so I’m not afraid of failing, I’m not afraid of making mistakes.” Anna Oakes
Building Your Business As An Asset So It Can Be Sold With Alex Judd
“Everybody wins when a leader decides to intentionally grow every single day.” Alex Judd is the founder of Path For
“Persistence is what’s going to get you through the tough times. Because life isn’t always easy.” Agostino Pintus is a
Creating A Clear Strategic Plan To Establish A Solid Foundation With Krishna Mohan
Let’s talk about the importance of strategies and foundation. You see great companies fail, and they think their marketing is

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