Capital Gains Tax Solutions has created a comprehensive Partner Center to assist financial professionals in supporting their customers with Estate Planning, Proprietary Capital Gains Tax Deferral Strategies, and Tax Planning Strategies. Partnering with Capital Gains Tax Solutions and DST Trustee Brett Swarts can help you develop your wide range of business connections.

Expand Services

By offering DST to your suite of services, you are able to market to more prospects

Market Advantage

Your existing client base will benefit from being provided a new and highly fruitful tax offering.

New Revenue

DSTs allow you generate new incremental revenue stream.

Boost Your Profits

Few professionals are knowledgeable with the ability to provide DSTs as a service. Get a strong foothold on your competitors.

If you’re a tax CPA, financial advisor, real estate agent or broker, M&A professional, attorney, or business broker, implementing Deferred Sales Trusts into your solution portfolio will help your current clients take advantage of an innovative and modern strategy to defer taxes and grow their portfolio while minimizing risk. DSTs also provide innovative opportunities to generate new business.


Learn what additional value can you provide as a professional to your clients

Your specialty is advising customers on complex tax rules. You become a hero when you save your clients money on taxes.

Today, Realtors don’t simply manage real estate transactions anymore; you also fix challenges in a variety of other sectors in the pursuit of helping people accomplish their goals. The tax problem grows massive in your life… Finally, you might know the answer to that as well!

Financial & Investment Advisors

Your client’s financial future is better protected with comprehensive wealth management. When it’s time for your client to exit a business or a real estate venture, make sure you help them minimize the tax repercussions so you can incorporate those assets into your wealth management strategy and maximize the benefit.

Business Brokers

Deferred Sales Trust can help Business Brokers assist client in saving more money from a business sale.

Whether you help with legal business decisions, transactions, estate planning, or other relevant matters, make sure you’re up to date on modern tax mitigation measures, such as the DST, that you can vet for your customers.

M&A professionals can add extra value to corporate business deals by using Deferred Sales Trusts.

What is a Deferred Sales Trust(DST)?

The DST has been used by financial savvy professionals and their clients for more than 22 years. It is a legal, proven and tested proprietary estate and tax planning strategy that allows persons who own highly appreciated assets such as real estate, a business, or high value collectables to sell those assets and defer the ordinary income taxes and capital gains taxes over a period of years instead of paying them all in a lump sum. The Deferred Sales Trust gives the seller/tax payer the ability to control their capital gains tax exposure, reinvestment terms, and installment payments made from the trust. The Law Firm who created the DST stands behind each client by offering Audit Defense Protection.  In the event your DST is ever audited in Federal or State Court or by the IRS,  Campbell Law will offer to represent you in such audit as part of their initial engagement agreement, and at no additional cost to the client.  The DST has withstood over a dozen such audits as well as direct independent IRS reviews.   To date, the DST has a perfect legal and tax compliant record.

Who offers the Deferred Sales Trust™?

The Deferred Sales Trust (DST) is only available from the Estate Planning Team, LLC, in partnership with the Campbell Law Firm. Todd Campbell, Tax Attorney and CPA is the creator and architect of the Deferred Sales Trust. The Estate Planning Team, founded by Robert Binkele partnered with Campbell Law 21 years ago to develop a broad based approach to promote the DST strategy on a national basis.  The Estate Planning Team manages all marketing and compliance related to the offering and execution of the DST.

The Estate Planning Team has successfully implemented thousands of DST’s over the past 25 years. During that time there have been 14 field audits and 2 formal IRS reviews.  Campbell Law and the Estate Planning Team have never had a negative tax audit or adverse result from the IRS. Some of the most prominent tax law firms in the country, as well as hundreds of boutique tax law firms and CPA’s throughout the country have also independently reviewed the DST strategy, techniques and legal basis and have similarly concluded the DST to be sufficiently legal, proven and tested and would, and have recommended it to their own clients.

The Deferred Sales Trust requires the services of at least 3 distinct and independent professionals: The Tax Attorney, a Trustee and a Registered Investment Advisor.  Reef Point, LLC is and authorized and approved Trustee for the Deferred Sales Trust and an affiliate member of the Estate Planning Team, LLC. Because of the proprietary nature of the Deferred Sales Trust Strategy and the absolute requirement to create and manage every DST within strict IRS rules and guidelines, each of these independent professionals must be vetted and trained on all aspects of the DST. The Estate Planning Team supervises the vetting, training, marketing and compliance requirements for qualified professionals who wish to become affiliate members of the Estate Planning Team and to be able to offer this strategy to their own clients. 

What is a Deferred Sales Trust

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Possible Transaction Types Include:

Single Family Residence, Rental Property / Condo, Apartment Units, Commercial Property, Industrial Property, 2nd home, Raw land, a Business, Investment products such as stocks, High value collectable such as Art, Classic Cars, Sports Memorabilia, Gems, etc.

Summary of DST Benefits for Clients:
  • Tax Deferral
  • Diversified Collateral as desired by the Seller/Taxpayer
  • Common Investments include: Stocks, Bonds, ETF’s, Annuities, Mutual Funds, REIT’s or Green Energy Funds
  • Flexibility
  • Seller/Taxpayer Protections to secure your sales proceeds and protect the integrity of your DST.
  • Higher, Stable Cash Flow
  • Reinvest into real estate, etc., at the opportune time if so desired
An Optional 1031 Exchange Rescue, Bail Out, Exit Strategy or Simply A Way Out

1031 Risks & Disadvantages

  • Rigid Rules and short deadline: clients have 45 days to identify exchange property and 180 days to close. If exchanges fail, all taxes are due. Nationwide, 30-40% of 1031 exchanges fail.
  • A risk-free DST could be established as a backup plan in case the 1031 fails.
  • A DST buys time: a DST could provide a seller with more time to find the right upside or wait for better market conditions to buy into.
  • A DST provides depreciation basis reset when buying an upside property.
Partnering with Reef Point

You could become a business partner or affiliate of Reef Point if you desire to receive deeper education and knowledge about a solution to a problem affecting many of your clients; access to further training and even marketing assistance designed to drive growth in your core business.  Most importantly, Affiliates can benefit from the DST by creating a competitive advantage that leads to more listings and sales by the real estate professional, more businesses successfully sold by business brokers, more tax consulting and tax preparation work by CPA’s,  new billable services by attorneys and more assets under management for investment and insurance professionals.

The obvious benefit for the investment professional is when he or she has a client or prospect that has a highly appreciated business, real property, collectibles, concentrated stock, etc. is to help that client or prospect sell that asset, defer their taxes and generate new assets under management.  

By partnering with Reef Point, you become part of a team of professionals collaboratively working to serve a client’s tax deferral objectives. As a Reef Point partner you’ll gain the following:

  • Education by Reef Point on all facets of DSTs so you can better serve your clients
  • Marketing assistance and content
  • Client PowerPoint presentations
  • Seminar tool kit
  • Help in analyzing potential transactions with you
  • Collaboration with you, your clients, and their advisors
  • The support of tax and estate planning experts 
  • Personalized lead generation websites
  • Regular training webinars
  • For Investment Advisors, you’ll grow more assets under management
  • For Real Estate Professional, you’ll increase listings opportunities and provide clients with value add services
  • For Business Brokers & M&A Professionals, you can offer “A Way Out” and sell more businesses
  • For all partners, you’ll Create a Competitive Edge and Value Add Service over the Competition

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