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The benefits go far beyond our call

We’ll listen to your challenges and opportunities. We’ll work together to identify and clarify what may be confusing about the Deferred Sales Trust. Then, we’ll provide answers to your questions and share the DST legal track record. From there, if you would like to have the DST as an option, we will encourage you to have your legal counsel and CPA sign the non-disclosure agreement and review the Deferred Sales Trust structure and give their blessing before moving forward. Then upon request, we will give you client referrals (which fit your circumstance) for you to hear directly from the build your confidence in who we are and how we work with clients and give them access to the DST tool to help them create and preserve more wealth.
*Please note all of the above is no-cost and no obligation. The DST attorneys and Capital Gains Tax Solutions do not get paid unless your escrow closes and you choose to use the DST.

What are capital gains tax or depreciation recapture costing you?

How many sellers would consider listing with you if they knew you had a proven capital gains tax and depreciation recapture solution? How many clients are selling they’re business or commercial real estate and paying the capital gains tax when they could be investing these funds into a new business venture where you represent them on the buyside (all tax-deferred and at their own timing? If you don’t know about the deferred sales trust you are losing listings money. CHANGE THAT STORY TODAY!

What’s my investment?

No cost to join or have a membership. How many potential clients are leaving your website or listing presentation without listing their business with you? Is your competitor communicating the deferred sales trust with your clients while you remain silent? How many sales are you missing out on every day because you don’t have a tax deferral option? Not having a deferral marketing strategy is costing you thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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