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Learn how the DST can help you earn more listings by helping your client save 30-50% in capital gains tax when they sell their business. 

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Do Your Clients Struggle With Capital Gains Tax and Depreciation Recapture When Selling Their Business?

Do they want to retire and sell their business now and defer 30-50% of their gain?

Want a backup plan for failed 1031 exchange?

Fully depreciated and losing out on business income write off?

Only want to sell if they have a capital gains tax solution with a diversified income stream into a new business venture, CRE or sercurites?

As their heirs facing 40% death tax since their total net worth is greater than $11M single or $22M married and assets are still in a taxable estate?

The Deferred Sales Trust Strategy is the tool to help you solve all of the above & help you:

Win more listing

Earn a higher commission

Help clients net more

A tax deferral marketing business growth system that will help set you apart from the competition and position you as the knowledgeable professional in Business Broker industry. Educate your strategic partner circle and help them grow their business. When this happens then they can send you leads! The DST also works for:

CRE Brokers

Luxury Real Estate Agents

Escrow Officers

Qualified Intermedrary

Insurance Professionals

Financial Advisors


CPA & Tax Professionals

How to Defer Sales Trust and Estate Planning Team Transforms your marketing.
More Business Brokers have clients who struggle with capital gains tax when they sell their business or commercial real estate. We use Deferred Sales Trust to help their clients gain tax deferral, liquidity, and diversification with their funds. This empowers Business Brokers to add massive amounts of value and win more listings. In today’s challenging and competitive marketplace, Business Professionals are looking for innovative ways to earn business.
How do you prospect for new clients and earn new business from your existing clients?
How do you set yourself apart from the competition and position yourself as a knowledgeable professional in your industry?

An American Bankers association Estimate that over the next 20 years approximately $17 trillion dollars will exchange hands as one generation(Baby Boomers) over its wealth to another. Many of these business owners want to retire from the day to day management and liability of owning a business. 

How do you help baby boomers who are business owners navigate this wealth transfer and list their business with you?

Based on a 90-year-old tax law
IRC Section 453
23-year track record of 2000+ closed transactions with
14 no change IRS audits 


Watch and learn how the deferred sales trust works now!

“It’s a relief to be rid of the apartment building. It was a very lucrative investment, but it came with a lot of headaches that took up my time and energy.”
Peter N. - Sold 18 unit CA Apartment Complex

“I’ve personally found that after being involved in hundreds of real estate transactions, one of the biggest concerns that sellers face when they contemplate divesting of one of their Real Estate investments, is the significant capital gains exposure that might come as a result of the sale. In fact, I’ve seen firsthand many situations where owners of investment property feel somewhat trapped between a rock and a hard place and feel hostage to the outrageous capitals gains that they will pay in the event of a sale And so, in today’s show, we’re going to go into detail on how the Deferred Sales Trust might just be the miracle alternative solution to help you keep more of that wealth in your pocket when entering into a sale of a highly appreciated asset.”
Kevin Bupp - Host of #4 CRE Podcast (Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow)

What are capital gains tax or depreciation recapture costing you?

How many sellers would consider listing with you if they knew you had a proven capital gains tax and depreciation recapture solution? How many clients are selling they’re business or commercial real estate and paying the capital gains tax when they could be investing these funds into a new business venture where you represent them on the buyside (all tax-deferred and at their own timing? If you don’t know about the deferred sales trust you are losing listings money. CHANGE THAT STORY TODAY!

With the Deferred Sales Trust

Without the Deferred Sales Trust

What’s my investment?

No cost to join or have a membership. How many potential clients are leaving your website or listing presentation without listing their business with you? Is your competitor communicating the deferred sales trust with your clients while you remain silent? How many sales are you missing out on every day because you don’t have a tax deferral option? Not having a deferral marketing strategy is costing you thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Listen to some of the best CRE, Luxury Realtors, Business Brokers, and Entrepreneurs interview Brett Swarts on the advantages of the deferred sales trust.

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