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Do Your Clients Struggle With Capital Gains Tax and Depreciation Recapture When Selling Their Assets?


Capital Gains Tax Solutions & The Deferred Sales Trust Works for Legal and Financial Service Professionals


Financial advisors

Real-estate agents

Business Brokers


Escrow Officers

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A marketing strategy which separates you from your competition to help grow your sales funnel and close more deals!


What Makes the Deferred Sales Trust and Capital Gains Tax Solutions So Different?

We give you THE TOOL to add the most amount of massive value to your clients! Why? Because everyday high net worth business owners, primary homeowners and commercial real estate owners pay hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in capital gains tax, when they don’t have to. Like you, we are frustrated with our clients feeling pressured or trapped by capital gains tax where they cannot afford to sell their primary home, business, commercial real estate or must complete a like-kind 1031 exchange (45-day and 180-day sprint) in order to save from paying the tax! We use to be tired of not having a solution to these challenges. You and your clients don’t have to feel trapped. We have a tax strategy that can take care of that for you. In fact, we usually get people in a better position to grow their business by helping their clients create and preserve more wealth.

How does the Deferred Sales Trust and the Estate Planning Team transform your value proposition? In today’s challenging and competitive marketplace, professionals are looking for innovative ways to earn business.

How do you prospect for new clients and earn new business from your existing clients?

How do you set yourself apart from the competition and position yourself as the knowledgeable professional in your industry?

The American Bankers Association estimates that over the next 20 years approximately $17 trillion dollars will exchange hands as one generation hands over its wealth to another.

How do you help these high net worth clients navigate this wealth transfer?

Much of this wealth transfer will be highly appreciated real estate (including primary homes), commercial real estate and the sale of businesses. All of which creates capital gains tax and depreciation recaputre exposure when sold.

How do you turn this challenge into an opportunity?

Capital Gains Tax Solutions is an Exclusive Trustee for the Deferred Sales Trust and The Estate Planning Team (EPT) which is a membership organization with a turn-key marketing plan and the support of tax and legal professionals to help you help your clients with this wealth transfer by providing your clients with capital gains tax and estate planning (probate avoidance) solutions. When you join Estate Planning Team you can offer your clients the Deferred Sales Trust™ (DST), a strategy to defer capital gains tax on the sale of highly appreciated property. With additional planning, the DST can reduce or eliminate estate tax (death tax).

The ability to defer capital gains taxes over an extended period of time is an obvious benefit to your client, but how does it help you grow your business? All members of EPT receive their own personalized lead generation website(s), a turn-key marketing plan with step-by-step instructions on how to earn valuable referral business, a guide to conducting an effective seminar and how to attract capital gains taxed challenged individuals by becoming a capital gains tax expert. When the business professional gets better everyone around them gets better. You get better by adding more value today to your clients than you did yesterday. Add more value to your business today by joining us and start your journey to becoming more of a capital gains tax expert.

To learn more about the mechanics of the Deferred Sales Trust™ and how the DST can help you grow your business; sign up for a no-cost webinar or call us at 916.886.2986.

If you are ready to join us (no cost to join) now along with our membership group of over 1,100 professionals across the US, please let us know and we will send you a sign up link. Please make sure to use Capital Gains Tax Solutions partner code: taxsolutions to ensure you are partnered together with Capital Gains Tax Solutions for future deals and are invited to join the private closed Deferred Sales Trust Professionals Facebook group page. Join now and start growing your business today!

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